Marinco 185050F-01-1 50 Amp Flush Circuit Dedication Mount Breaker $33 Marinco 185050F-01-1 50 Amp Flush Mount Circuit Breaker Automotive Replacement Parts Breaker,$33,Amp,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Flush,Mount,Circuit,,185050F-01-1,/2020/11/,50,Marinco $33 Marinco 185050F-01-1 50 Amp Flush Mount Circuit Breaker Automotive Replacement Parts Breaker,$33,Amp,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Flush,Mount,Circuit,,185050F-01-1,/2020/11/,50,Marinco Marinco 185050F-01-1 50 Amp Flush Circuit Dedication Mount Breaker

Marinco 185050F-01-1 50 Amp Flush Circuit Limited Special Price Dedication Mount Breaker

Marinco 185050F-01-1 50 Amp Flush Mount Circuit Breaker


Marinco 185050F-01-1 50 Amp Flush Mount Circuit Breaker

Product description

Heavy-duty single pole thermal type breakers are ideal for auxiliary and accessory circuits, trucks, buses, RVs and marine applications, battery chargers and DC audio systems. Series 184 and 185 are sealed for engine compartment and bilge area applications. Stud insulators are provided on covered units with F (Surface Mount) bases; tin plated copper studs, brass rivets and stainless steel locking nuts.

Marinco 185050F-01-1 50 Amp Flush Mount Circuit Breaker

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