Amul Calls Video About Duplicate Butter Attempt To Create Misinformation, Warns legal action
Amul Calls Video About Duplicate Butter Attempt To Create Misinformation, Warns legal action

Amul Calls Video About Duplicate Butter Attempt To Create Misinformation, Warns legal action

Established in 1946, Amul has built its legacy as one of India’s most valued dairy brands, with offerings such as milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, and much more. 


With a confluence of high-quality products and a rush of nostalgia, the company has always been an essential part of the food cart of a majority of Indians. 

But like every good thing, the prestigious brand has recently been targeted by some people who seek to hamper the dairy company’s stature by circulating misinformation and fear among customers through social media. 

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Fake news of packaging of duplicate butter in China

A fake message on social media suggests that duplicate Amul butter is being packed in China. 

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In response, the dairy giant has issued a notice to the concerned individuals and sought sensitisation from people over the fake news. 

Taking to its official Instagram handle, the company shared the notice and made people aware of the fake news in circulation. 

 ‘Both packets of Amul butter are genuine’ 

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“This is for your kind information that a fake message is being forwarded on Whatsapp and social media platforms regarding duplicate Amul butter packed in China.

We wish to inform you, both packets of Amul butter shown in the video are genuine and manufactured in India by Amul,” the notice read. 

It further added, “As per advisory of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, all new dairy products must show the veg logo on the front of the pack.”

Regarding the video going around social media platforms, Amul said, “The video clipping shows comparison between the earlier pack and new pack of Amul butter and has been used to create misinformation and spread fear and concern among consumers.” 

Additionally, Amul has served a legal notice to the individuals in Srinagar who are behind the origin of this fake news message. 

Internet supports legacy brand

While they requested people to share this message with their family and friends and sensitise them, the Internet supported the legacy company fully. 

One person wrote, “We trust Amul… amul is best and genuine forever..” 

Another person commented, “Amul for Life” 

A third comment read, “We trust Amul… amul is best and genuine forever…” 

“We anyway love you @amul_india nothing can dent this extraordinary brand,” added another. “Amul butter, asli butter,” read another comment. 

Arrests in 2018 over use of Amul label by fake sellers

Amul has also witnessed fake product issues in the past without being involved in the problem in any way possible. 

In 2018, police in Mumbai’s Bhayander area had arrested five men for selling spurious butter by packaging it as Amul butter. 

The pictures that emerged at the time showed adulterated butter being filled into Amul packaging. 

During the raid, police seized a staggering 1,000 kilograms of butter along with packaging used by Amul Butter. 


Amul, a company formed nearly 76 years ago, came into existence for a noble cause. It was created as part of a cooperative movement against Polson Dairy in Anand, Gujarat. 

Polson Dairy procured milk from local farmers of the Kaira district at meagre rates and sold it to the Bombay government. Everyone except the farmers benefited from this trade. 

These exploitative trade practices followed by the local trade cartel triggered a cooperative movement in the form of Amul.  

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