Uttar Pradesh: 4 Married Women Run Away With Lovers After Receiving Money Under PM Awas Yojana
Uttar Pradesh: 4 Married Women Run Away With Lovers After Receiving Money Under PM Awas Yojana

Uttar Pradesh: 4 Married Women Run Away With Lovers After Receiving Money Under PM Awas Yojana

Once in a while, we hear about something that is oddly startling. In one such development, four married women fled from their homes in Uttar Pradesh along with their lovers after receiving the grant under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), abandoning their husbands. 

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PMAY, a flagship scheme of the central government, seeks to handle the urban housing shortage among the marginalised individuals belonging to the economically weaker section (EWS) and lower and middle-income groups. 

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Scheme requires female owner of the house

Under the scheme, the government assigns cash to beneficiaries’ accounts enabling them to buy a home. However, the Centre has made it compulsory for the female head of the family to be the owner or co-owner of the house. 

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The four women, owing to this rule, got a grant of Rs 50,000 in their accounts and instantly left their husbands.

The first instalment was sent to the accounts of these women beneficiaries of Nagar Panchayat Belhara, Banki, Zaidpur and Siddhaur of the district. 

Plight of the husbands 

On the other hand, the husbands are facing more problems; they received a warning from the District Urban Development Agency (DUDA) because the construction is yet to commence. 

They are also troubled about receiving a notice of recovery because they have yet to acquire any money from the instalment. 

They have now asked the DUDA project officer to refrain from depositing the next instalment into the bank accounts that their runaway wives can access. 

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The authorities became aware of this strange case when the construction work on the houses did not begin.

Upon this, the project officer for DUDA sent a notice ordering the commencement of construction work immediately. Still, there was no development. 

The women’s husbands finally contacted the government office and informed the authorities that their wives had left with their lovers. 

Officials puzzled over recovery

District officials are now confused over the recovery of the amount from these beneficiaries. 

DUDA Project Officer Saurabh Tripathi told NDTV that 1604 houses were sanctioned for construction under the PMAY undertaking in the Barabanki district.

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Tripathi further revealed that the husbands have been instructed to convince and bring their wives back. He added that “this is government money, it should not be misused”.

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