Gay Couple That Went Viral For Traditional Hindu Wedding Set To Welcome Its 1st Child
Gay Couple That Went Viral For Traditional Hindu Wedding Set To Welcome Its 1st Child

Gay Couple That Went Viral For Traditional Hindu Wedding Set To Welcome Its 1st Child

Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju, who went viral online in 2019 with their lavish traditional Hindu wedding in New Jersey, are now expecting their first child, due in May. People magazine posted adorable images from the couple’s paternity shoot on Instagram.

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Couple posted about the big news on Instagram 

“Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that a casual bump in at a birthday party 6 years ago would find us our forever soulmate and give us the courage to stand against the world. And here we are getting ready to be dads!! Beyond excited to welcome our little nugget, May 2023.”     

While speaking to People, the couple said, “Only five or six people know right now. I think culturally — as many other cultures also do — you don’t want to jinx something. You just kind of keep it under wraps and just wait and be patient.”

Aditya revealed that the couple had spoken about their desire to become parents from the very beginning. “The funny part is that the concept of marriage and kids was something we discussed on our very first date. Usually, that’s a red flag where people are like, ‘Okay, bye,’ but I think we stayed together because of that discussion,” he told People magazine.

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The journey of becoming parents

The pair have been learning about the nuances of having biological children since getting married. The couple had to learn about the differences between gestational carriers, egg donors, and surrogates before picking which partner would be a part of the expansion of their family.

Additionally, they learned that their costs were higher than those for heterosexual couples. It took four rounds of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) after they discovered the egg donor before they could confirm the good news. 

The couple further revealed that in the beginning, they were completely unaware as to what they could do, what the process is and how long it would take. “It took about a year until we felt comfortable enough to move forward and really start making decisions,” Amit said. However, once things were in motion, there were still many things to learn.

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Celebrating their 3rd anniversary this year

Like any other couple, they want to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and all holidays. As of now, the couple is curious about how their life would turn out to be.

Shah and Madiraju got married in a traditional Hindu wedding in 2019. They are celebrating their third marriage anniversary this year and preparing to welcome their bundle of joy.

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