Last Of The 36 Rafale Fighter Jets For The Air Force Has Reached India
Last Of The 36 Rafale Fighter Jets For The Air Force Has Reached India

Last Of The 36 Rafale Fighter Jets For The Air Force Has Reached India

The Indian Air Force on Thursday received the delivery of the 36th Rafale fighter jets from France, completing the deal signed in 2016.

“The pack is complete. The last of the 36 IAF Rafales landed in India after a quick en route sip from a UAE Air Force tanker,” the IAF said in a statement.


The IAF shared the update along with a picture of the world’s most advanced fighter jet.

“Proud to see all 36 Rafales on India’s soil and fully equipped with India-specific enhancements,” French Ambassador to India Emmanuel Lenain said on Twitter.

India-specific enhancements  

Among the India-specific enhancements, the jets included helmet-mounted sight, radar warning receivers, flight data recorders with enough storage for 10 hours, infra-red search and track systems and towed decoys to lure incoming missiles away and missile approach warning system.

India had signed a Rs 58,000-crore deal with France’s Dassault Aviation for 36 of these planes and 35 of them have already arrived and are stationed at Ambala, Haryana and Hashimara in West Bengal.

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Senior defence officials said the 36th aircraft with RB tail number had been provided to the Indian side by France with all its spares and other parts replaced as it was being used for developmental activities.

First batch reached India in 2020

The first batch of five Rafale jets reached India in July 2020. These jets were a part of the 17 Squadron.

According to reports, the 36th Rafael fighter jet will soon become a part of the Air Force’s Squadron.


Timing of last Rafale delivery 

A squadron of Rafale will monitor the western border and northern border with Pakistan, while another squadron will monitor the eastern border area of India. Due to the completion of the Rafel deal, the strength of the Indian Air Force has increased, especially when tension and a clash erupted at the International borders with China.

The last Rafel landed in India on a day when the IAF conducted an exercise near the India-China border. This exercise of the Indian Air Force will continue up to December 16 in the Eastern Sector of the country. Air bases in Assam’s Tezpur, Chabua, Jorhat and West Bengal’s Hasimara are likely to be activated in the exercise.

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