7 Of The Most Bizarre True Stories From 2022 That Have To Be Read To Be Believed
7 Of The Most Bizarre True Stories From 2022 That Have To Be Read To Be Believed

7 Of The Most Bizarre True Stories From 2022 That Have To Be Read To Be Believed

Some news stories are so bizarre, they are hard to believe. You’ll feel as though they are from a parallel universe where craze has reached its peak but you don’t even know where the peak is.

We have compiled a list of most bizarre stories from across the world. Here’s our top 7, take a look:

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1) Notice For Not Issuing Ticket To A Jackfruit & A Gas Stove?

In February 2022, two incidents were reported where the bus conductors of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) were left shocked and confused. They were slapped a notice by the checking inspector for not issuing tickets to a jack fruit and a gas stove.

According to News18, in the first incident, a woman from Raichur boarded the bus with an LPG gas stove which weighed about half a kg. Naturally, the bus conductor issued the woman a ticket and not her stove. But when the checking inspector started doing his rounds, he noticed that the lady holding the stove was given a ticket for herself and not for the stove which he termed as “extra luggage.”

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The other incident in the KSRTC bus was where the fruit was issued a ticket in the bus. Apparently, a specially-abled man was carrying a jackfruit which approximately weighed a kilo in a KSRTC bus in Arasikere. Again, the bus conductor named Raghu didn’t think that he should issue a ticket for the fruit. But again, a checking inspector thought otherwise.

2) Man Buys Lottery Tickets Instead Of Hot Dogs, Wins $100,000

A woman from Wisconsin, US, sent her husband to run a quick errand and buy some groceries, as reported in March 2022 by various publications. But this very general errand changed the couple’s life.

While grocery shopping Joseph Bednarek made an impulse decision to buy a lottery ticket and won $107,000 out of it. While the man was at Pick ‘N Save, located on Pioneer Road in Fond du Lac, he saw a sign he couldn’t get past. It said the Badger 5 was up to $96,000.


“And I looked, I backed up and saw $96,000. All I had left was a $10 bill. Normally I buy five and I went there and, ‘oh well, give me $10 worth,'” said Joseph Bednarek. “I don’t know why I did it. Because it was in the 90-some thousands,” Bednarek said.

3) Creature With ‘Human Mouth’ Washes Up On Beach

In April 2022, it was reported that an unusual creature washed up on Australia’s Bondi beach. Leaving many people confused and amused, Drew Lambert discovered a strange-looking animal washed up on the shore of Australia’s Bondi Beach during a jog on April 5, according to a report by Storyful

Lambert took a video of the odd find and posted it on Facebook, captioning the clip: “Can someone please tell me what this weird alien-like creature is that was washed up on the beach at Bondi today.”

Drew Lambert via Storyful

The beachgoers also mentioned how the unusual-looking animal was a half meter long with human-like lips and skin like a shark. “I’ve lived in Bondi for 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he added.

4) Man Fights For 5 Yrs For Rs 35 Refund From Railways

Rajasthan man won his five years of battle with the Indian Railways to get a refund of Rs 35, proving true that it’s better late than never, as reported in May 2022.

A Kota-based engineer, Sujeet Swami, won his five-year fight to get a refund from the Railways, helping in the process nearly 3 lakh people who have faced something similar. Along with his refund, Railways has approved Rs 2.43 crore in refunds to 2.98 lakh IRCTC users.

According to the report by PTI, Swami revealed that he filed nearly 50 Right to Information (RTI) applications to get his refund.

Indian Railways

He said, “The fight was really long with around 50 RTIs, letters to the Railways, IRCTC, Finance ministry and Service Tax department but eventually I am satisfied as all the users with me would receive refund of Rs 35 amounting to over 2.43 crores.”

5) Thief Drives Stolen Car Up The Stairs Of Metro Station To Flee Cops

In August 2022, a 36-year-old stole the Mazda car from a nearby parking lot after its owner left the keys in the car in Madrid. A friend of the owner reportedly tried to stop the man, but was unsuccessful, according to local website EFE.

Then, the thief used the bus lane to drive the car through the glass doors of the metro station shopping centre in the early hours before trying to drive it up the stairs, all to escape getting caught by cops.

A video showing the car being pulled through the staircase of the metro station had gone viral on the internet.

“This stolen car ended up wedged on the stairs of one of the busiest metro stops in Madrid. The car was reportedly in a bus lane before crashing through the doors of the Plaza Eliptica shopping centre. The fire brigade had to work to remove the car with the help of a crane,” read the text insert of the TikTok video.

Obviously, the thief’s plan failed spectacularly as the car got stuck on the stairs and the railing apparently prevented the doors from being opened. Police arrived a short time later and took the man into custody.

6) Beauty Contest In Bathinda, ‘Canadian Groom’ Its Prize

How far can you go for an NRI groom? Certainly not this far. The craze for ‘NRI’ grooms has reached its peak as the Bhatinda beauty contest listed a ‘Canadian Groom’ as its prize for the winner. Yes!


In Bhatinda, posters promoting a beauty pageant for ladies “only from general castes” claimed that the winner would get to marry an NRI settled in Canada. The alleged beauty pageant, which offered a Canadian groom as a prize, was scheduled to take place on October 23, 2022 in a hotel in the city.

But, police foiled the plans of the organisers and arrested them.

Surinder Singh and Ram Dyal Singh, were arrested by police late and an investigation was launched, said Parwinder Singh, the station house officer at Kotwali.

7) UP Groom Didn’t Know How To Drive, Took Newly-gifted Car For A Spin, Crushed Aunt

In November 2022, for a family in Uttar Pradesh, a celebratory event like a wedding turned out to be quite a nightmare, something they will never forget.

24-year-old would-be groom Arun Kumar crushed his aunt to death and heavily injured four other relatives while test-driving his newly gifted car in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah district. The car had been gifted to him by the bride’s family during the ’tilak’ ceremony at Akbar village. 

According to reports, Kumar, a PAC jawan was posted in the Fatehpur district, and his wedding had been fixed with a woman from Auraiya.

Before I Marry (Representational image)

As far as the terrible incident is concerned, it occurred when the bride’s family gave Kumar the keys to the car after the tilak ceremony. Despite not knowing how to drive a car, Arun took the car for a test drive just to show off, it seems, during the ceremony.

When the man got behind the wheels, he pushed the accelerator instead of the brakes and ended up ramming the car into relatives at the venue. His 35-year-old aunt Sarla Devi was crushed by his car and she died on the spot.

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