MP: Three Schoolgirls Travel 120 Kms, Consume Poison, Leaving Two Dead, One Critical
MP: Three Schoolgirls Travel 120 Kms, Consume Poison, Leaving Two Dead, One Critical

MP: Three Schoolgirls Travel 120 Kms, Consume Poison, Leaving Two Dead, One Critical

In a shocking incident, two teenage girls have died and another is in critical condition after they consumed poison in a suicide pact.

The incident was reported from Indore on Friday.

According to the police, the three girls, all aged 16 years, were residents of Ashta city in Sehore district.

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Travelled 120 kms from hometown

On Friday the three classmates who left their homes for school instead took a bus to Indore, which is around 120 kms away from their hometown.

Some locals spotted the girls at a park and informed the police.

The police rushed the three girls to the MY Hospital, where two of them died during treatment.

The third girl is conscious but remains in a critical condition.

“All the three girls are residents of Ashta and they are school students. They somehow reached Indore and consumed sulphas (a poisonous substance) at a park near Apple hospital under Bhanwarkuan police station limits,” Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP), Prashant Chaubey said.

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Girls had different reasons to end their lives 

Police have recorded the statement of the girl who has survived.

According to the police, the three girls were close friends and had come to Indore to meet the boyfriend of one of them.

They had already prepared to die and had purchased sulphas (a poisonous substance) from Ashta – before taking the bus to Indore – in case the girl’s boyfriend refused to meet her.

After the girls reached Indore, the boyfriend denied the meeting, following which one of them consumed the poisonous substance. 

The second girl reportedly took the poison due to domestic issues at home and the third said that since both of her friends were taking poison, she too did.

“According to the doctors, two girls have died while one is undergoing treatment and she has also given the statement to the police. She stated different reasons for all of them to attempt suicide. One girl consumed poison because of family dispute, one had a dispute with friend and one said that if both her friends were committing suicide then why should she live,” ADCP Chaubey said.

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Police launches probe

Police said the families of the girls have been informed and an investigation into the circumstances of the tragic incident has been launched.

CCTV footage was being checked and a detailed investigation into the matter is underway, the police said, adding that further action into the matter would be taken accordingly. 

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