Virtual Food Hall Overseen By Michelin-Star Chef Debuts
Virtual Food Hall Overseen By Michelin-Star Chef Debuts

Virtual Food Hall Overseen By Michelin-Star Chef Debuts

TYSONS, VA — Iranian restaurant Joon opened to great acclaim earlier this summer in the Tysons area, but now the owners have delivered a second concept sharing the restaurant’s kitchen.

The Kitchen Collective, a virtual food hall, held its grand opening Friday at 8045 Leesburg Pike, Suite T3-120, Vienna, VA. It features numerous concepts overseen by Chef Chris Morgan, a co-owner who has received a Michelin star for his Middle Eastern restaurant Maydan. The first concepts featured at the food hall are Soul Rebel, Yasmine, Pizza Serata, and Franki’s.

Unlike a traditional food hall with seating, a virtual food hall runs with takeout and delivery only. The Kitchen Collective allows customers to order online or from the outside takeout window located near Patsy’s American.

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“The kitchen Collective is really designed to put together a convenient platform for our customers and guests to be able to access several different chef-driven brands that are a premium level compared to the typical fast casual concept,” Reza Farahani, who co-owns Kitchen Collective with Morgan, told Patch.

Four concepts are initially available at the Kitchen Collective.

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Pizza Serata will be a familiar brand to visitors of DC’s Union Market area. The pizza was developed in collaboration with Anthony Falco, a chef who worked at the famous Roberta’s in Brooklyn and now works as a pizza consultant. The pizza was developed with a crust that won’t get soggy during delivery service.

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“He basically helped us come up with a crust that we wanted to allow us to make a really good delivery pizza,” said Farahani. “And then Chris Morgan, he was the person that came up with the chef and came up with the sauces on the top and so the dough, it’s kind of something that’s more of a science than an art, and the toppings are more of an art.”

Pizzas and focaccia sandwiches are available from Pizza Serata.

Yasmine is another concept from Union Market. This Lebanese concept was developed by Morgan and Gerald Addison, who were the executive chefs that received the Michelin star for Maydan. Expect menu items like kebabs, shawarma, falafel, salads, spreads, and sandwiches.

Soul Rebel is a healthy food concept originally founded by retired professional baseball player Drew Thompson as Rock Steady Juice Joint. The menu focuses on healthy options like açaí bowls, superfood smoothies, salads and grain bowls.

Franki’s is a cookie concept developed by Morgan and named after his 2-year-old daughter. Cookie and brownies are on the menu to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Other concepts could be introduced as the Kitchen Collective evaluates its kitchen capacity. El Oso will be a concept from Jonathan Zaragoza, whose family owns the renowed Birrieria Zaragoza in Chicago. Inspired by the Chicago restaurant, El Oso will serve Mexican street food as a more casual option for the virtual food hall.

Another offering will be San Tokki, which Farahani says will have Korean bibimbap and possibly sushi. Rounding out the future plans are Tim Ma’s Lucky Danger, which serves Chinese American takeout.

The food hall has dedicated parking spots in the garage where takeout can be brought to a customer’s car. Customers can also pick up orders at the Patsy’s takeout window, which is located up the stairs from the Patsy’s American parking lot. Outdoor seating is available near the takeout window.

The Kitchen Collective is launching with delivery from third-party delivery services like UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub. But Farahani says it will offer its own delivery service once staffing is bolstered.

Joon, the restaurant Kitchen Collective shares a kitchen with, is under the same ownership. Farahani said Joon’s kitchen alone is around the same square footage of most restaurants, presenting an opportunity for multiple concepts to use the kitchen.

“This kind of allowed us to maximize the resources, whether it’s equipment, rent, and to a certain extent, labor,” said Farahani.

According to Farahani, the virtual food hall concept works well for families or offices who can order different kinds of food from the same place. It is also targeting the Tysons office market for potential catering orders.

“I think the convenience factor is a big part of having it delivered to them,” said Farahani. “Even if it’s an office of 10 people really being able to get a variety of different things and make sure that everybody in the office is getting what they want instead of people having to settle for a restaurant.”

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