Levittown Murder Suspect 'Gave Me The Creeps': Neighbor
Levittown Murder Suspect 'Gave Me The Creeps': Neighbor

Levittown Murder Suspect 'Gave Me The Creeps': Neighbor

LOWER BUCKS COUNTY, PA —”OMG! That’s the guy I see every day.”

That was the reaction of Carrie McCarthy on Tuesday night when she opened and watched a 14-minute YouTube video in which Levittown murder suspect Justin Mohn rants about the government, shouts about conspiracy theories, and holds up his father’s decapitated head.

McCarthy often saw or came across Mohn in the Upper Orchard Drive neighborhood where she spent 30 years growing up, moved away, and then returned to inherit her childhood home after her parents passed away five years ago.

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“I would say ‘Hi’ and he would say ‘Hello’ back,” she said.

Mohn, 32, faces first-degree murder charges, abuse of a corpse, and possession of an instrument of crime with intent for killing his father, who was found beheaded in the bathroom of their home Tuesday night, authorities said.

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McCarthy said when she walked her two dogs Paisley and Wiley around the neighborhood and a nearby park, Mohn was always outside, no matter the time of day. He was a common daily site over the past six months, she said.

She said that Mohn always carried a plastic water bottle around with him and that he often just would be sitting in random spots in the park, usually firing up a joint.

“I could smell the smoke,” McCarthy said. “He would just sit there and stare into space.”

One day, McCarthy’s dogs, who were not on their leashes, ran over to Mohn.

“I ran over and apologized saying ‘I’m so sorry’ because the dogs were muddy and I didn’t want them jumping up at him. He just said, ‘It’s ok.'”

Two weeks ago, McCarthy talked with a neighbor about Mohn, saying, “What’s his deal with how he walks around like he does?”

“It was just really odd behavior,” McCarthy said about Mohn.

When she first heard about the crime and police cars around Mohn’s house, she thought maybe he had taken his own life. But then she saw the video.

“I just started screaming,” McCarthy said. “I knew that something was amiss with him and that something was wrong. He gave me the creeps. I said to a neighbor that he was unhinged.”

McCarthy said the neighborhood has always been considered quiet where people are friendly and watch out for one another. She said that most residents have lived in the neighborhood for years.

“It’s a little unnerving,” McCarthy said about being so close to the murder scene, which she said is just a stone’s throw away from her home. “It’s settled down now. But everyone is in disbelief. It’s such a tragedy.”

McCarthy said she didn’t know the family or the victim.

She said that residents are considering several options of how they can help the family, including launching a GoFundMe page.

Bucks County District Attorney Jennifer Schorn, Middletown Township Police Chief Joseph Bartorilla, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will hold a news conference Friday to provide details on the arrest.

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