MA Experts Weigh In On What To Eat, Drink For Super Bowl Sunday
MA Experts Weigh In On What To Eat, Drink For Super Bowl Sunday

MA Experts Weigh In On What To Eat, Drink For Super Bowl Sunday

MASSACHUSETTS — The nuts and bolts of viewing the Super Bowl couldn’t be more simple: Sit on the couch, grab a drink, some snacks and turn the game on.

But the process can be strenuous for those tasked with crafting the Super Bowl Sunday food and drink menu.

Should you order a couple of pizzas? What kind of beer should you buy? Are the dips really worth it?

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We’re no experts at Patch, but we do know a collection of people who are. So we went straight to the source to figure out what local industry experts think are the best Super Bowl foods, best drinks and the best location to watch the game.

It’s Not All Pizza And Wings

Find out what's happening in Falmouthwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Though many people across the country — and rightfully so — will indulge in a spread of pizza and wings this Sunday, many of the folks Patch asked said their are plenty of other great options out there.

Maybe surprisingly, a duo of New Englanders went to the south to find their perfect Super Bowl dish.

Lou Carrier is the owner SKYBOKX 109 Sports Bar & Grill in Natick, and is a yearly viewer of the game and a diehard Patriots fan, but his go-to Super Bowl food comes from Saints territory.

A classic New Orleans muffuletta is Carrier’s pick for best Super Bowl food. Why?

“All the tasty goodness of a fine Italian grinder with the benefit of letting it rest in the crusty bread a little,” Carrier said.

Jack’s Abby’s Rob Day also went southern with his go-to dish for this year’s Super Bowl. Though Day acknowledged that pizza and wings are still probably at the top of the charts when it comes to the classic Super Bowl dishes, a pimento cheese dip tops his list for this year.

He shared a loose recipe with Patch here.

Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing production manager and lead brewer Kyle Warren also shared a recipe for his go-to Super Bowl dish, the Devils on Horseback.

“Take some pitted dates, stuff them with your favorite blue cheese and wrap them in either prosciutto or bacon. Then pan fry them until they’re nice and crispy,” Warren said.

Naukabout Brewery owner Peter Murner actually has a lengthy list of favorites before he gets to pizza and wings.

“You can’t beat a beer brat paired with a sauerkraut, but if we are talking shareable, nachos. You can make any style and variety – veggie, pulled pork, buffalo chicken,” Murner said.

For this year, however, he’s making a six-layer taco dip.

“Ground beef, mango salsa, shredded cheese, jalapenos, topped with sour cream and olives layered on cap. Change out the protein and salsa to fit your preference and get yourself some of those scoop-style tortilla chips,” said Murner. “You’ll be golden.”

In Defense Of Pizza And Wings

Ok, so pizza and wings don’t really need to be defended, but there is a good reason why people like the two foods, especially if it’s a party you’re attending.

Day laid out an argument for pizza that featured elements that almost everyone agreed on when it came to the features any good party food needs.

“First, it’s going to be on everyone’s list because it is so versatile and tastes awesome,” Day said. “Second, it is one of the most perfect foods to pair with a range of beers so you can eat and drink without thinking too much about how they go together. Finally, I’m a talker and a mover. So I need portable “less” messy food. This is why pizza passes wings, dips etc. for me.”

Bourne’s Trading Post Lounge is a sought-after spot to watch the game on Cape Cod, and it should come as no surprise to those familiar with the menu that manager Kyle Higgins pick for best Super Bowl food is the classic combination.

“Die-hard pizza fan. Depending on the kind of pizza it’s always the easiest and most creative food source for an event,” he said, adding an argument for the ease of wing eating, too.

“It’s simply the most convenient and easy to pick up. If you’re a pro-wing eater, you eat with one hand and the other is for your beer and remote control.”

Where To Watch The Game Depends On A Few Factors

Kyle Warren might manage a go-to spot for Super Bowl viewing, but if he isn’t working you won’t catch him out anywhere during the game.

“Home, no question,” said Warren on where he watches the game. “Eat, drink and wear what you want. Hang out with your friends and no distractions from the game.”

Murner shared the sentiment, noting that, like many industry folks, it’s not a guarantee that he’s off work but, if he is, you can find him at home.

“I’ve got two young children so — if I’m lucky enough to be off work — we cook up a tasty spread together and watch the game as a family,” said Murner.

Not everyone feels the same, of course, as Super Bowl Sunday is a major party day for many people across the country, even for people who don’t care at all about football.

Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing’s Warren has no allegiance on Sunday, but does enjoy taking part in the Super Bowl festivities.

“I do not support a team, or the league, but the Super Bowl makes for a fun Sunday with friends,” Warren said.

“One of my friends will inevitably throw a party that I will attend.”

Day, a Patriots fan, said the decision depends on his mood and a few factors heading into the game, but his favorite moments are out with a crowd of people all pulling in the same direction.

“The most fun I have had at Super Bowls has been out with a big group of strangers cheering for the same thing,” Day said. “I have to be invested in the game for that one though.”

Skybokx 109’s Carrier said, without a doubt, that going out for the game is his choice.

What About Drinks?

Beers were a unanimous choice among the people who spoke to Patch, but there are some particulars to consider.

“The key to selecting your beer for the big game is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint,” said Murner. “You want to pick a lighter, lower ABV beer you can enjoy from pre-game until the game wraps.”

Warren agrees, favoring any “sessionable and crispy lager in a can.”

Here’s what they’re recommending:

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