10 Lake Valley: A New Way To Play In Southwest Riverside County
10 Lake Valley: A New Way To Play In Southwest Riverside County

10 Lake Valley: A New Way To Play In Southwest Riverside County

LAKE ELSINORE, CA — With May Gray at the coast, now is the perfect time of year to explore and visit Southwest Riverside County. Visit Temecula Valley has launched its newest campaign, “10Lake Valley,” a campaign focusing on eight communities and 214 square miles of lakes, rivers, cities, mountain peaks, and fertile valleys of Temecula Valley Wine Country.

Visit Temecula Valley CEO Scott Wilson discussed the push to showcase the SoCal wildlands.

“To me, the 10 Lake Valley idea is that this is the ultimate outdoor playground in our area. You get out there in your own backyard,” Wilson said. “My favorite is hiking around Lake Skinner, and Diamond Valley Lake is massive. It’s beautiful and picturesque for fishing and boating. More, to create core memories with your family.”

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Area residents regularly hike, bike, fish, boat, or hot-air balloon over much of our slice of Riverside County.

Jogging trails around Diamond Valley Lake, hiking trails along the Santa Rosa Plateau, and camping at Lake Hemet are only some of the area’s hidden gems.

Find out what's happening in Lake Elsinore-Wildomarwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“For the people who play on the edges and carve their own paths, who never leave a scenic route untaken, or a vista unviewed, the combined efforts of the initiative shows the varied regions that Southwest Riverside County has for residents and visitors to enjoy.

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One of the top and most recognizable destinations is Temecula Valley Wine Country, spanning over 2,460 acres of vineyards with nearly 50 wineries. But there is much more to the area than that.

Where are the 10 Lakes Of Southwest Riverside County?

Within Southwest Riverside County, there are ten lakes, all distinct for their beauty, water sports, and fishing. They mirror the surrounding communities of Canyon Lake, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Murrieta, San Jacinto, Temecula, and Wildomar:

“These enchanting waters nourish our spirits, flourish our lands, and cultivate a refreshing sense of serenity and connection. So whether you’re here for thrills and watersports or chilling out on the water in the sun, these 10 lakes will stir your soul,” according to the website.

    While Lake Skinner is a reservoir, with no body contact but fishing and boating allowed, lakes like Diamond Valley Lake, Lake Hemet, and Lake Elsinore attract visitors interested in water sports like fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, boating, water skiing, and jet skiing.

    The project was in keeping with the statewide initiative to get tourism on track. To do that, extensive research was conducted, deciding on the locally known but not often shared outdoor activities around our many lakes. The result was the 10Lake Valley website and ad campaign, built to educate those who wish to come, stay, and play here. Financing for the project was bolstered by 2022 ARPA funds, according to Wilson.

    Chuck Washington, Riverside County’s Third District Supervisor, discussed the project to expand local tourism beyond the valley.

    “What many people don’t know about Southwest Riverside County is that there are many unique areas waiting to be discovered, and that’s what 10Lake Valley is all about,” Washington said. “I am immensely proud of this initiative, which showcases the incredible beauty of our region and creates new opportunities for exploration and adventure for our visitors.”

    Learn more by exploring online at 10lakevalley.com.


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