GUOCAO 8" LED Rain Shower Head Rainfall Sh High Top Pressure ABS San Antonio Mall GUOCAO 8" LED Rain Shower Head Rainfall Sh High Top Pressure ABS San Antonio Mall High,Pressure,/Aludra4922460.html,$27,Head,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Shower,LED,ABS,,Sh,Rainfall,8",Rain,GUOCAO,Top $27 GUOCAO 8" LED Rain Shower Head High Pressure Top ABS Rainfall Sh Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures High,Pressure,/Aludra4922460.html,$27,Head,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Shower,LED,ABS,,Sh,Rainfall,8",Rain,GUOCAO,Top $27 GUOCAO 8" LED Rain Shower Head High Pressure Top ABS Rainfall Sh Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures


GUOCAO 8" LED Rain Shower Head High Pressure Top ABS Rainfall Sh


GUOCAO 8" LED Rain Shower Head High Pressure Top ABS Rainfall Sh

Product description

Product Name: led temperature control light top spray shower 8 inch round color top spray shower transparent blue

Product size: length 200mm width 200mm thickness 15mm

Product net weight: 0.5kg

Product gross weight: 0.68kg

Material: ABS engineering plastic

Surface treatment:

Interface size: 20mm internal thread (common interface)
We will provide the best service. If there are any problem, please feel free to contact us. Our logistics will be faster than amazon website.

GUOCAO 8" LED Rain Shower Head High Pressure Top ABS Rainfall Sh

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