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DC 24V 12CH Relay Max 42% OFF Receiver and 12 RF Transmitter Con Keys Special price Remote

DC 24V 12CH Relay Receiver and 12 Keys Transmitter RF Remote Con


DC 24V 12CH Relay Receiver and 12 Keys Transmitter RF Remote Con

Product description

Color:24V 315MHZ

24V 12CH RF Wireless Switch Remote Control Switch System Transmitters and Receiver For Applicance Garage Door RF 433MHZ 315MHZ
We default send 315Mhz, if you need 433.92Mhz pls feel free to contat with seller
Remote Control Distance:0-200m
Encode: Fixed code, soldering,2260,2262
Frequency:315 or 43MHZ(Default 315Mhz)
Power Supply: 1 X 12V/23A (Not included)
2. Receiver
Decode: Fixed code, soldering
Control Type: Toggle, Momentary, Latched
Power Supply (Operating Voltage): DC 12V
Relay: 20A 14VDC/ 20A 125VAC
State current: ≤ 6mA
Sensitivity:-105 dBm
Operating Temperature: -40'C ~ +80'C
Working/output way:
Momentary/Jog: Press one button and hold is working/ ON, losse finger is stop/ OFF.  Need one channel switch and 1-button remote control.
Toggle/Self lock: Press one button for one time is ON, press the same button again is OFF.  Need one channel switch and 1-button remote control.
Latched/ Inter lock: Press one button is ON, press another button is OFF.  Need one channel switch and 2-buttons remote control.
Learning and removing method:
Learning Codes: Press the learning button on the receiver for one time, when hear BI sound,it means enter into learning status,then press the relative button on the remote, when hear 3 sounds BI BI BI, it means learn successfully.
Clear Codes: Press the learning button on the receiver about 10 seconds,when hear BI sound again, it means the codes are cleared.
How to change the working way:
A. Single self-lock ---Press button 1 to learn, each CH is independent.
B. Single non-lock (jog) --- Press button 2 to learn
C. Single inter-lock --- Press button 3 to learn, one button is ON, other buttons are all OFF
D. 1-6ch self-lock,7-12ch non-lock --- Press button 4 to learn.
E. 1ch self-lock, 2-12ch non-lock --- Press button 5 to learn.
Packing list:
1 x Receiver
1 x Transmit

DC 24V 12CH Relay Receiver and 12 Keys Transmitter RF Remote Con


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