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LHK Kitchen Sink Faucet Basin Bathroom Faucets Mixer Tap Cheap Finally resale start mail order shopping Single

LHK Kitchen Sink Faucet Basin Mixer Tap Bathroom Faucets Single


LHK Kitchen Sink Faucet Basin Mixer Tap Bathroom Faucets Single

Product description




The tap gets rusty!
-Tarnish is observed on the surface!!
-Water is leaking away!!!
Filth hide inside the tap!!!!
After choosing LHK, these problems can be solved perfectly.

LHK, a professional and popular brand, produces and sells varieties of kitchen and bathroom products. From product development to after-sales service, we always put the customer first. Only healthy and safe products can be sold by LHK. We are on the way of creating a funnier and healthier life for you.
OUR OBJECT: Make your housework become funny!

♥High quality: It is made of solid brass which can resist corrosion and wear effectively. The ceramic cartridge is tested not less than 500,000 times to guarantee no leaking.
♥Lovely Looking: Perfect chrome finish looks very special and nice in your kitchen.
♥Easy Installation: A specific instruction is included in the package to help you install the tap.
♥Risk-free: We provide 1 years guarantee and 30 days return policy for your 100% satisfaction.

♥Material: Brass
♥Cartridge: Ceramic
♥Feature: swivel, chrome surface
♥Lever: single lever
♥Water Feature: Hot amp; cold mix
♥Water Pressure: Min 0.5 bar, 1 bar is recommended

1 x kitchen mixer tap

LHK Kitchen Sink Faucet Basin Mixer Tap Bathroom Faucets Single


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