$70 COPACHI 3936026 SA-4767-12 5016244AB Fuel Shut Off Solenoid 12V Automotive Replacement Parts COPACHI 3936026 SA-4767-12 5016244AB Fuel 12V Shut Cheap SALE Start Solenoid Off $70 COPACHI 3936026 SA-4767-12 5016244AB Fuel Shut Off Solenoid 12V Automotive Replacement Parts COPACHI 3936026 SA-4767-12 5016244AB Fuel 12V Shut Cheap SALE Start Solenoid Off Off,$70,/Kenelm5121637.html,SA-4767-12,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Shut,12V,imliee.com,3936026,COPACHI,Fuel,5016244AB,Solenoid Off,$70,/Kenelm5121637.html,SA-4767-12,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Shut,12V,imliee.com,3936026,COPACHI,Fuel,5016244AB,Solenoid

COPACHI 3936026 SA-4767-12 5016244AB Fuel All stores are sold 12V Shut Cheap SALE Start Solenoid Off

COPACHI 3936026 SA-4767-12 5016244AB Fuel Shut Off Solenoid 12V


COPACHI 3936026 SA-4767-12 5016244AB Fuel Shut Off Solenoid 12V

Product description

COPACHI 3936026 SA-4767-12 5016244AB Fuel Shut Off Solenoid 12V Fuel Shutdown Solenoid Valve Fits For Cummins Diesel Engine After-sales Parts

Product Specification:
PART NAME: Fuel Shut Off Solenoid
Warranty: 3 Month
We improved the solenoid valve and increased the efficiency of the solenoid valve.But Wire and electrical parts are very easy to short circuit, which will lead to the damage of parts. Please note testing and pay attention to the installation of the parts.

Please offer correct address and contact information.
Full Name, TEL Number and your Physical Address ( home or office address) but not PO Box/APO/FPO address are necessary.
Products will be carefully checked before shipping.
Shipment Time: We will ship it in 3-7 days after payment received. Should any delay happen due to logistic company and local customers or duties will inform you.
The buyers are supposed to be charged for the possible additional cost such as import taxes and customs duties. COPACHI will try to assist you for your requirement. Any special requirements for declared values, please inform us before shipment.

COPACHI 3936026 SA-4767-12 5016244AB Fuel Shut Off Solenoid 12V

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