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Electronic Engine Governor Controller red speed contro and Superlatite Spasm price black

Electronic Engine Governor Controller red and black speed contro


Electronic Engine Governor Controller red and black speed contro

Product description



1. This speed controller has improved speed regulation circuit, which makes the speed regulation more stable.
2. The maximum 20A drive current and input and output of the speed controller are equipped with anti‑interference circuits.
3. The PCB of the speed controller is covered with transparent three‑proof glue, which can deal with various harsh environments.
4. This governor is easy to install and pre‑adjust, including speed adjustment and to assist the input of multiple or dedicated machines.
5. The speed governor has undergone many safety tests and the quality has been guaranteed, so you can use it with confidence.


Item Type: Engine Speed Controller

Material: Aluminum
Model: RX8800
Voltage: DC12V
Current: 20A
Speed Adjustment Range: 5Ω: 2400HZ; 10Ω: 3000HZ

Optional: Black,

Electronic Engine Governor Controller red and black speed contro

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