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Unisex Mark Grayson Costume Cosplay O Jumpsuit Halloween Kansas City Mall Super Special SALE held

Unisex Mark Grayson Costume Cosplay Jumpsuit Halloween Cosplay O


Unisex Mark Grayson Costume Cosplay Jumpsuit Halloween Cosplay O

Product description


1.Fabric: This Mark Grayson costume is made of high quality Elastic Fibers and Emulation Silk. Any part of the bodysuit will not fade! High stretch make you easy to wear in or out;
2.An invisible vertical zipper runs along the back of the Bodysuit, does not affect the beauty of the jumpsuit.
3.Our costume come with detached mask and Gloves.
4.Machine washable,hand washable(To achieve the best cleaning effect, hand washable is recommended.).
5.If you are not satisfied with our products, we can return or replace them for you free of charge.

Male Size Chart(inch):

X-Small: Height 65, Chest 36-37, Waist 31-32, Hip 36-37, Shoulder Width 17.5

Small: Height 67, Chest 38-39, Waist 33-34, Hip 38-39, Shoulder Width 18

Medium: Height 70, Chest 40-41, Waist 35-36, Hip 40-41, Shoulder Width 19

Large: Height 72, Chest 42-44, Waist 37-38, Hip 42-43, Shoulder Width 20

X-Large: Height 74, Chest 45-47, Waist 39-40, Hip 44-46, Shoulder Width 21

XX-Large: Height 76, Chest 48-50, Waist 41-43, Hip 47-49, Shoulder Width 21.5

XXX-Large: Height 78, Chest 51-52, Waist 44-46, Hip 50-52, Shoulder Width 22

Female Size Chart(inch)

X-Small: Bust 33-34, Waist 25-26, Shoulder 15, Sleeve 22, Hip 35-36

Small: Bust 35-36, Waist 27-28, Shoulder 16, Sleeve 23, Hip 37-38

Medium: Bust 37-38, Waist 29-30, Shoulder 17, Sleeve 24, Hip 39-40

Large: Bust 39-41, Waist 31-33, Shoulder 18, Sleeve 25, Hip 41-43

X-Large: Bust 42-44, Waist 34-36, Shoulder 18.5, Sleeve 26, Hip 44-46

XX-Large: Bust 45-46, Waist 37-38, Shoulder 19, Sleeve 27, Hip 47-48

XXX-Large: Bust 47-48, Waist 39-40, Shoulder 20, Sleeve 28, Hip 49-50

Custom-made Service:

If you need us to "Custom made" this costume for you,Please send us your:
Gender,Height,Weight,Chest,Waist,Hips,Shoulder Width,Arm Length,
Pants Length,Pants Inseam length,Thigh

Unisex Mark Grayson Costume Cosplay Jumpsuit Halloween Cosplay O

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