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Minimalist Bedside Table Lamp Easter Finally popular brand L Wood Egg Nightstand At the price Solid

Minimalist Bedside Table Lamp Easter Egg Solid Wood Nightstand L


Minimalist Bedside Table Lamp Easter Egg Solid Wood Nightstand L

Product description

This bedside table lamp adopts environmentally friendly design, using nature wood, flax and plastic materials to present a lantern appearance in a simple style. Adding a touch of natural and fresh feeling to your home decor, it is an ideal choice for bedroom, living room, kids room, girls room, study desk lighting.Buy With ConfidenceHaving adhered the most demanding quality control procedures. Any problems or concerns, please tell us directly, and we will provide responsible service as we can.Eye CaringDesign to be soft, stable and non-flickering, the corner desk lamp with flax shade is friendly on your eyes so you can enjoy what you’re doing for longer.Simple DesignA handsome accent lighting for any modern or craftsman style home. Solid wood base and fabric shade provide a natural feeling. Clean, linear and minimalist design, ideal as a Birthday Present.Easy to useThere is an ON/OFF Switch with plug that makes it super convenient as a bedside table lamp. Place on top of a nightstand, desk, or console table for illumination in sophisticated style.WARM TIPS:- Please let the wood stand stay away from water.- 1 Bulb included. What you received is a complete bedsdie table lamp. Our light socket is universal, you can buy it in your near shop. We recommend to use with LED bulb.- The size is measured by hand, so there may have a ±0.5in error, please kindly note that.- Recommend putting it in bedroom, kids room, or living room,it will bring you a peaceful and warm night.

Minimalist Bedside Table Lamp Easter Egg Solid Wood Nightstand L

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