Inch,30,SKRLIFE,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,1,,1/2,$23,Plastic,Plugs,,Tubing,/allure4921603.html,Pack-,1,Square,Black 30 Pack- SKRLIFE 1 2 Inch Plugs Square Black Plastic Tubing OFFer 30 Pack- SKRLIFE 1 2 Inch Plugs Square Black Plastic Tubing OFFer $23 30 Pack- SKRLIFE 1 1/2 Inch Square Tubing Black Plastic Plugs, 1 Tools Home Improvement Hardware $23 30 Pack- SKRLIFE 1 1/2 Inch Square Tubing Black Plastic Plugs, 1 Tools Home Improvement Hardware Inch,30,SKRLIFE,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,1,,1/2,$23,Plastic,Plugs,,Tubing,/allure4921603.html,Pack-,1,Square,Black

30 Pack- SKRLIFE 1 2 Inch Plugs 4 years warranty Square Black Plastic Tubing OFFer

30 Pack- SKRLIFE 1 1/2 Inch Square Tubing Black Plastic Plugs, 1


30 Pack- SKRLIFE 1 1/2 Inch Square Tubing Black Plastic Plugs, 1

Product description

Color Name:Black-P30

►Package Content – Pack of 30, 1 1/2" Square Black Plastic Plug
Color - Black

Fit inside tube diameters (ID) from 1.25" - 1.43" (1 1/4" to 1 7/16").
Compatible Outside Tube Diameter (OD) : 1.5" (1 1/2")
Compatible Tubing Wall Thickness: .040" - .125"(11-20 Gauge)


PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE - Reduce noise, prevents scratching of your floor surface and protects your expensive furniture when furniture is moved.
EASY TO INSTALL- simple operation even without other tools.
WIDELY USED - used on conference room tables, heavier desks, chairs, restaurant furniture and point of purchase display racks.

►Tips: √ Please measure the inner/out diameter of your Furniture for proper fitment. √ Check our other listings for different sizes.

30 Pack- SKRLIFE 1 1/2 Inch Square Tubing Black Plastic Plugs, 1

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