Stainless,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Exhaust,$60,/allure5211703.html,Car,NkeGS,Auto,Steel,,Tail,Universal,Round,Pipe $60 NkeGS Universal Car Exhaust Tail Pipe Stainless Steel Round Auto Automotive Replacement Parts $60 NkeGS Universal Car Exhaust Tail Pipe Stainless Steel Round Auto Automotive Replacement Parts NkeGS Universal Fashionable Car Exhaust Tail Stainless Round Pipe Auto Steel Stainless,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Exhaust,$60,/allure5211703.html,Car,NkeGS,Auto,Steel,,Tail,Universal,Round,Pipe NkeGS Universal Fashionable Car Exhaust Tail Stainless Round Pipe Auto Steel

NkeGS Universal Fashionable Car Exhaust Tail Stainless Fashionable Round Pipe Auto Steel

NkeGS Universal Car Exhaust Tail Pipe Stainless Steel Round Auto


NkeGS Universal Car Exhaust Tail Pipe Stainless Steel Round Auto

Product description

Color:Inlet 54mm Out 114mm

High quality carbon and stainless steel exhaust tips for any cars.
Ultralight weight
Easy installation
Aggressive look
MATERIAL: Carbon + Stainless Steel
WEIGHT: 550g(1.68lb)
COLOR: Matte Black
TYPE: Straight Edge
NOTICE We have all the color and size which you can find, if you can't find please feel free me know.

NkeGS Universal Car Exhaust Tail Pipe Stainless Steel Round Auto

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