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Man Summer Peep Toe Leather Wide Super beauty product restock quality top Slip Ranking TOP4 Breathable Relaxatio Shoes

Man Summer Peep Toe Leather Slip Shoes Wide Breathable Relaxatio


Man Summer Peep Toe Leather Slip Shoes Wide Breathable Relaxatio

Product description

Sports Sandals For Mens Enjoy The Summer Time Product Features:

Material:Hight Quality Leather , Rubber Soles

Design: combine casual classic style with fashionable and modern design; enjoy the comfort and sets trends at the same time.

Adjustable :Adjustable elastic band and heel strap, you can freely adjust the tightness of the upper to fit your feet.

Style:Fashionable and versatile style, the best choice for summer.

Mens size chart;

Foot Length 9.45 "inches = US6.5 = CN38

Foot Length 9.65 "inches = US7.0 = CN39

Foot Length 9.85 "inches = US7.5 = CN40

Foot Length 10.05 "inches = US8.0 = CN41

Foot Length 10.25 "inches = US8.5 = CN42

Foot Length 10.45 "inches = US9.0 = CN43

Foot Length 10.65 "inches = US9.5 = CN44

Foot Length 10.85 "inches = US10.0 = CN45

Foot Length 11.05 "inches = US10.5 = CN46

Foot Length 11.25 "inches = US11.0 = CN47

Safe: Provide your feet with all-day security. when the sandals can also be used when the slippers.

Occassions:you can wear them pretty much everywhere-walking/ shopping /dinner /running /driving/ hiking /swimming/ kayaking /bike riding/ climbing /fishing /water rafting,they are comfortable for all these things

Why Choose US?

-Mainly made with high material for men shoes,classical and refining design

-Plenty Fashion design,most of your daily neccessities can be wear

-Scientific and reasonable design,makes your foot lay in the shoes comnfortable

Man Summer Peep Toe Leather Slip Shoes Wide Breathable Relaxatio

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