KOUDU Magnetic Screen Door 180x260cm with Mesh Super intense SALE H Curtain $42 KOUDU Magnetic Screen Door, 180x260cm Screen Mesh Curtain with H Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies KOUDU Magnetic Screen Door 180x260cm with Mesh Super intense SALE H Curtain Mesh,imliee.com,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,H,$42,Door,,Curtain,/anticeremonial5211451.html,Magnetic,with,Screen,Screen,180x260cm,KOUDU Mesh,imliee.com,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,H,$42,Door,,Curtain,/anticeremonial5211451.html,Magnetic,with,Screen,Screen,180x260cm,KOUDU $42 KOUDU Magnetic Screen Door, 180x260cm Screen Mesh Curtain with H Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies

KOUDU Max 70% OFF Magnetic Screen Door 180x260cm with Mesh Super intense SALE H Curtain

KOUDU Magnetic Screen Door, 180x260cm Screen Mesh Curtain with H


KOUDU Magnetic Screen Door, 180x260cm Screen Mesh Curtain with H

Product description

KOUDU Magnetic Mesh Screen Door lets family and friends in but keeps bugs out. The self-sealing magnetic closure allows for hands free walk through entry.

You can enjoy a healthy,comfortable and pleasant summer with the mesh curtain door which is the best choice for you.


● Fast amp; Quiet Close: The magnets are soft, so the door screen can close fast and quiet.
● High Quality Soft Polyester Mesh
● Easy Access For Pets
● Kid Friendly
● Includes Pins For Added Security
● Quick amp; Easy Installation
● Keeps Bugs And Flying Insects Out
● Hands Free Entry: Convenient for quick walk through and you don't need to open and close it when you carry a lot of stuff with you, it will open and close automatically.

Package included:

● 1 x Magnetic Screen Door
● 1 x One pack of pushpin
● 1 x Magic tape roll
● 1 x User manual
Measurement methods:

lf you have a door frame (the door frame is more than 4cm wide), you can measure the door frame. if there is no door frame, add at least 4-6cm to each frame on the basis of the inner diameter.
Note: The size should be bigger,rather than smaller

We’re committed to producing products that we know our customers will love.

KOUDU Magnetic Screen Door, 180x260cm Screen Mesh Curtain with H

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