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Bathroom Grab Bar Safety Support Folding for Wholesale Classic Rail Bath

Bathroom Grab Bar Safety Support Rail, Folding Grab Bar for Bath


Bathroom Grab Bar Safety Support Rail, Folding Grab Bar for Bath

Product description


Nothing is warmer than home, nothing is more precious than family.
Shower grab bar is crossbars or handles that are installed in the bathroom to maintain balance or support the body. It can effectively prevent the elderly and children from falling on the slippery ground.
This grab bar is especially suitable for the elderly and children, pregnant women, disabled people.
The bathroom safety folding Grab Bar, mainly used in bathrooms, bathrooms, toilets and other places, this product is to use safe materials to serve the public, to provide convenient and safe operation space for the majority of the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, children and other handicapped persons, auxiliary stand, balance, prevent fall, helps keep the smaller bathroom safer and more efficient, durable stainless steel structure, the folding arm provides durable nylon outer tube and slip performance, more healthy. Parents are too old to move, so this is the best Father's Day gift and Mother's Day gift for them.

Folding Grab Bar. Color: Yellow

Folding Grab Bar. Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Folding Grab Bar. Size: 60/75CM

Folding Grab Bar. Surface treatment: Nylon Outer Tube

1. This product only contains handrails, and other decorations in the picture are not included.
2.Measurement error within1-2 cm is normal
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Bathroom Grab Bar Safety Support Rail, Folding Grab Bar for Bath

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