$23 Yujue 23m Water Ski Tow Rope Multi-Function Ski Rope with Handle Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Yujue 23m Water Ski OFFicial mail order Tow Handle with Rope Multi-Function Water,with,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Rope,$23,/biethnic5016894.html,Multi-Function,Rope,Handle,23m,Ski,Tow,imliee.com,Ski,Yujue Yujue 23m Water Ski OFFicial mail order Tow Handle with Rope Multi-Function $23 Yujue 23m Water Ski Tow Rope Multi-Function Ski Rope with Handle Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Water,with,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Rope,$23,/biethnic5016894.html,Multi-Function,Rope,Handle,23m,Ski,Tow,imliee.com,Ski,Yujue

Yujue 23m Water Ski OFFicial mail order Branded goods Tow Handle with Rope Multi-Function

Yujue 23m Water Ski Tow Rope Multi-Function Ski Rope with Handle


Yujue 23m Water Ski Tow Rope Multi-Function Ski Rope with Handle

Product description

The water ski rope is made of PE material. It is mainly used as a powerful traction tool in water skiing.
The water ski tow rope is woven from glass filament, with a diameter of about 1cm/0.39inch, and it can normally provides several thousands pounds tensile force without being deformed or broken.

Name: Water Ski Rope
Handle width: about 30cm/11.81inch
Rope length: about 23m/75.46ft
Rope diameter: about 1cm/0.39inch

Packing List: 
1*Water Ski Rope

Due to the lighting effects and shooting angles, the color of the item and that shown in the picture might have a nuance.
Due to manual measurement, there might be a tolerance in the product size.

Yujue 23m Water Ski Tow Rope Multi-Function Ski Rope with Handle

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