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African Pattern Spasm price Wild Animals Yoga Non Thick Max 82% OFF Exercise Mat Slip

African Pattern Wild Animals Yoga Mat Thick Non Slip Exercise


African Pattern Wild Animals Yoga Mat Thick Non Slip Exercise

Product description

1.High-Quality Yoga Mat:

Eco-Friendly TPE Material provides maximum stability, durability, and comfort for your practice.

2.Non-Slip Yoga Mat:

Non-slip with well grip effects and an already anti-slip surface, it will help to keep you motivated and focused, this mat can handle all types of Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness. Perfect for Hot Yoga.

3.Perfect Thickness amp; Lightweight Travel Friendly: 6mm/8mm thickness was the perfect balance of weight and cushion. 1/4¡± and 8mm extra thick high density padding comfortably cushions joint protection for spine, hips, knees, elbows and avoid sore injury during stretching amp; toning workouts while still providing exceptional grip and resilience. Exceptional resilience stability allows you to keep your balance during any exercise style.

Perfect Size: 72x24in/183x61cmx0.6cm; 32x72 in/80x183 cmx0.8cm
Thickness: 6mm/8mm
Lightweight: 2.3lb/3.5lb.

4. Odor free And Eco-friendly: No smell different from cheap floor mats. Free of harmful toxins and phthalates. With this yoga mat you will make workout the best part of your day!

5.Cleaning and Care:

Do not use a washing machine or dryer to clean your mat. Simply wipe down with water. Do not use harsh chemicals or heavy oils. Light essential oils are ok if diluted with water.

African Pattern Wild Animals Yoga Mat Thick Non Slip Exercise

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