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LDMY Low price Demon Slayer Wooden Anime Samurai Sword Bamboo Samur free

LDMY Demon Slayer Wooden Anime Samurai Sword, Bamboo Anime Samur


LDMY Demon Slayer Wooden Anime Samurai Sword, Bamboo Anime Samur

Product description


Product packaging:

1 * Katana / scabbard
1 * hand guard


【Other Uses of the Katana】 When you are not using a Katana for practice or training or as an atactic sword, there are many other ways you can use it. They can be used as cosplay sword, role play sword, costume props, historical reenactments, display art, and photography background props.
【Home and office decoration】 Samurai swords are also great for hanging on a wall, displayed in acabinet, katana on a desk and in any room where you want to display a katana.

★ Material: Bamboo+ABS
★ Size: Full length 103cm
★ If you want to see more products, click on the brand name To enter the store.

【Kind reminder】
1.Dear buyers, due to the lighting effects, the brightness of the display, manual measurement and other reasons, there may be some slight differences in the color and size between the photo and the actual item. I sincerely hope that you can understand! Thank you!
2.Our products have been fully tested, inspected and packaged before shipment, so you can buy with confidence.
3.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us so that we can provide you with the best service

1.This product is subject to specific safety warnings. Not suitable for children under 36 months
2.This toy does not provide protection

LDMY Demon Slayer Wooden Anime Samurai Sword, Bamboo Anime Samur

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Birds use nest boxes during the winter to keep warm. Many species will cluster together to share body heat. Over 20 wrens have been recorded living together in a single nest box!

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