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Shock Absorbing Washer Pads Popular product Universal Feet Directly managed store Silent Anti-Vibration

Shock Absorbing Washer Pads Universal Silent Feet Anti-Vibration


Shock Absorbing Washer Pads Universal Silent Feet Anti-Vibration

Product description

★If the floor is wet and slip, the washer will moving and shaking when it works, Our anti vibration rubber feet will help you reduce the issues.
★The pad can absorb the vibration well, thereby reducing the vibration on the floor and making the washing machine and dryer more stable and balanced. Keep the bathroom clean and tidy.
★Washing machine protection can be used on tiled, uneven floors. Suitable for washing machines, dryers and refrigerators.
★The washing machine stand lifts the washing machine, away from the ground, solve drainage problems.
★Washing machine leg pads Easy to install, just slide into the bottom of the furniture feet to lift the furniture.

Product Name: Upgrade Anti-Vibration Feet Pads/Movable Appliance Base
Material: Environmental protection PP
Height: 3.9 (10cm)
Diameter: 4.3in (11cm)
Package Included:
4 PCS Washing Machine Feet Pads
If you have any questions, Please email. Wish you a happy life!

Shock Absorbing Washer Pads Universal Silent Feet Anti-Vibration

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