BINHC Niture Legs 8 Pairs Levelers Table Leveling M8 Popular popular 33Mm $28 BINHC Niture Legs,8 Pairs M8 33Mm Niture Levelers Table Leveling Tools Home Improvement Hardware Niture,$28,Niture,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,BINHC,Pairs,Legs,8,Levelers,,Leveling,Table,/brachypyramid5211542.html,33Mm,M8 $28 BINHC Niture Legs,8 Pairs M8 33Mm Niture Levelers Table Leveling Tools Home Improvement Hardware BINHC Niture Legs 8 Pairs Levelers Table Leveling M8 Popular popular 33Mm Niture,$28,Niture,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,BINHC,Pairs,Legs,8,Levelers,,Leveling,Table,/brachypyramid5211542.html,33Mm,M8

BINHC Niture Legs 8 New popularity Pairs Levelers Table Leveling M8 Popular popular 33Mm

BINHC Niture Legs,8 Pairs M8 33Mm Niture Levelers Table Leveling


BINHC Niture Legs,8 Pairs M8 33Mm Niture Levelers Table Leveling

Product description

Welcome to Browse My Shop, If You Have More Needs; Please Search for "Binhc"

Please Choose the Appropriate Size of Niture Feet When Purchasing.

Material:Mainly Made from Plastic and Metal


Thread Size for Leveler: 0.31" 1.14"/(M8 29Mm)

Base Diameter: 1.3”(33Mm)

Total Length:1.57”(40Mm)

Length for Txnuts: 0.35”(8 Mm)


the Felt Bottoms Can Protect the Surface of Floor from Being Worn with Good Quality.

the Niture Levelers Can Reduce Noise Made by Table, Chair or Other Niture. Give You a Quiet Environment.

the Leg Height Can Be Adjusted According to You. Very Convenient to Operate.

Package Include8 Pairs

8 Pcs Niture Leg Screws

8 Pcs Txnuts

Product Images Are Taken in Kind. There May Be Some Color Differences Due to Photo Environment Factors. Please Understand.

This Product Only Contains the Product Itself. Does Not Include Other Products in the Picture.

BINHC Niture Legs,8 Pairs M8 33Mm Niture Levelers Table Leveling


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