YJ333,Projector,,with,1080P,Video,Luxs,$72,Projector,3500,imliee.com,LCD,/conflux4921688.html,Electronics , Video Projectors,LED,23 $72 YJ333 LED LCD Projector, 1080P 3500 Luxs Video Projector with 23 Electronics Video Projectors Tucson Mall YJ333 LED LCD Projector 1080P Luxs 23 with Video 3500 YJ333,Projector,,with,1080P,Video,Luxs,$72,Projector,3500,imliee.com,LCD,/conflux4921688.html,Electronics , Video Projectors,LED,23 Tucson Mall YJ333 LED LCD Projector 1080P Luxs 23 with Video 3500 $72 YJ333 LED LCD Projector, 1080P 3500 Luxs Video Projector with 23 Electronics Video Projectors

Tucson Max 74% OFF Mall YJ333 LED LCD Projector 1080P Luxs 23 with Video 3500

YJ333 LED LCD Projector, 1080P 3500 Luxs Video Projector with 23


YJ333 LED LCD Projector, 1080P 3500 Luxs Video Projector with 23

Product description

Color:Black US

Item Type: ProjectorProduct Model: YJ333
Projection Technology: LCD
Physical Resolution: 1280 x 720
Support Maximum Resolution: 1080P
Light Source: LED
LED Chip Life: 50000h
Brightness: 120ansi/3500lux
Light Uniformity: 70%
Color Temperature: 16.7M
Contrast: 1000; 1
Throw Ratio: 1.44
Projection Distance: 1.1-7.2m
Best Distance: 2.6m
Projection Size: 32-236inch
Projection Method:
Rear projection, lifting
Trapezoidal Correction: ± 15°
Whether to Support 3D: Red and blue 3D
Input Interface: USB/HD/SD/AV/VGA
Output Interface: 3.5 headphone
Support Document Format: TXT
Supported Languages: 23
Power Supply: 100-240V
Total Power: 52W
Remote Control: 2 x AAA battery (not included)

Package List:
1 x Projector
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual
1 x Lens Cover
1 x Screw
1 x Plug
1 x 3-in-1 Cable

YJ333 LED LCD Projector, 1080P 3500 Luxs Video Projector with 23

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