Outdoor,Cycling,Sunglasses,,Frame,/conflux4922388.html,imliee.com,$24,Large,CYYS,Sports,Outdoor,Glas,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation Outdoor,Cycling,Sunglasses,,Frame,/conflux4922388.html,imliee.com,$24,Large,CYYS,Sports,Outdoor,Glas,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation OFFicial CYYS Outdoor Sports Sunglasses Large Cycling Frame Glas $24 CYYS Outdoor Sports Sunglasses, Large Frame Outdoor Cycling Glas Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $24 CYYS Outdoor Sports Sunglasses, Large Frame Outdoor Cycling Glas Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation OFFicial CYYS Outdoor Sports Sunglasses Large Cycling Frame Glas

OFFicial CYYS Outdoor Sports Sunglasses Large Cycling Oklahoma City Mall Frame Glas

CYYS Outdoor Sports Sunglasses, Large Frame Outdoor Cycling Glas


CYYS Outdoor Sports Sunglasses, Large Frame Outdoor Cycling Glas

Product description

1. The elastic material makes the frame most suitable for any face shape.

2. The protective gasket helps you avoid injury caused by impact.

3. The ultra-light frame is suitable for your flexible movement.

[Production advantage]

Optical performance: The lens can absorb 99% of ultraviolet rays, and the polarizing layer can eliminate 99% of glare, strong light interference, clear vision, and reduce eye fatigue.

Lightweight and comfortable: Sunglasses with lenses and TR90 frames are light, unparalleled and light, and will not feel uncomfortable for long-term wear.

Adjustable frame: This sunglasses can adjust the length and angle of the farm, regardless of the face shape, it is comfortable to wear.

Intimate design: The use of low wind resistance and large lens design can reduce the impact on motor sports, while providing a broad field of view, a clear and wide field of view, and protect the eyes from dust and small stones splashed during sports injuries. The temples are non-slip design, whether it is sweating or water sports, these glasses can provide reliable stability. The design of the elastic nose pad will reduce the vibration caused by exercise, ensure that your eyesight will not be disturbed, and enjoy a comfortable wearing experience.

[Care instructions]

After washing with water, wipe the lens with a soft cloth to prevent scratching the lens.

CYYS Outdoor Sports Sunglasses, Large Frame Outdoor Cycling Glas

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