School Bag Boston Mall With Lunch And Pencil Case Teen B For Combination For,Case,,And,With,Teen,Lunch,Bag,Pencil,Electronics , Computers Accessories,School,B,Bag,Combination,$28,/conflux5121588.html School Bag Boston Mall With Lunch And Pencil Case Teen B For Combination $28 School Bag With Lunch Bag And Pencil Case Combination For Teen B Electronics Computers Accessories $28 School Bag With Lunch Bag And Pencil Case Combination For Teen B Electronics Computers Accessories For,Case,,And,With,Teen,Lunch,Bag,Pencil,Electronics , Computers Accessories,School,B,Bag,Combination,$28,/conflux5121588.html

School Bag Boston Mall With Lunch And Pencil Case Teen B For Clearance SALE! Limited time! Combination

School Bag With Lunch Bag And Pencil Case Combination For Teen B


School Bag With Lunch Bag And Pencil Case Combination For Teen B

Product description

Large Backpack:

School Backpack + Lunch Bag + Pencil Bag. Backpacks Size:
16.5"X12.5"X5.5" Inches, Fits 15 In Computer. Plenty Of Pockets To
Hold Laptop, Cellphone, Ipad, Power Bank, Pen, Keys, Wallet, Books,
Snacks, Clothes, Umbrella, Water Bottles And More. Lunch Bag:
10.4"X7.87"X4.52", Fits Lunch Box And Fruits. Pen Bag: 8.26"X4.13",
Can Put Pencils, Keys And Other Small School Essentials Or
Package Included:

1* Backpack
1* Lunch Bag
1* Pencil Case
Worry-Free Services:

Please Allow The Product To Have A Slight Color Difference Due To The
Lighting And Environment. And Also Please Allow Less Than 3cm
Error By Manual Measurement. We Hope That Our Products Can
Give You A Satisfied Experience. If You Have Any Questions, Please
Contact Us Without Hesitation. We Will Give You A Satisfactory
Answer Within 24 Hours.

School Bag With Lunch Bag And Pencil Case Combination For Teen B

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