Automotive , Replacement Parts,$90,Glossy,Car,NkeGS,ABS,C,View,Fiber,Black/Carbon,Rear,/conflux5211788.html,,Mirror,Color $90 NkeGS Car ABS Glossy Black/Carbon Fiber Color Rear View Mirror C Automotive Replacement Parts NkeGS Car ABS Glossy Black Al sold out. Carbon Fiber Rear Mirror C View Color Automotive , Replacement Parts,$90,Glossy,Car,NkeGS,ABS,C,View,Fiber,Black/Carbon,Rear,/conflux5211788.html,,Mirror,Color NkeGS Car ABS Glossy Black Al sold out. Carbon Fiber Rear Mirror C View Color $90 NkeGS Car ABS Glossy Black/Carbon Fiber Color Rear View Mirror C Automotive Replacement Parts

NkeGS Car ABS Glossy Black Al sold Reservation out. Carbon Fiber Rear Mirror C View Color

NkeGS Car ABS Glossy Black/Carbon Fiber Color Rear View Mirror C


NkeGS Car ABS Glossy Black/Carbon Fiber Color Rear View Mirror C

Product description

Color:Glossy Black

Package Included:
2 x Mirror Caps ( L+R )
1 x Double-sided Tape
- Material: High quality ABS plastic material
- Color: Carbon Fiber Color
- Installation mode: Cover over the original
- Brand new.
- Improve streamline,show elegant,more beautiful and smoother
For Ford Mustang 2015-2020 (Only fits for Mustang version without mirror indicator!)
(The Compatibility Is Just For Reference. Please Compare With Your Original One Before Purchasing! )
1. We provide clear pictures, measurements where possible. Please check as much as possible to make sure the item is the one that you need.
2. Please allow 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual measurement. (1inch=2.54cm)
3. There Are No Instructions Included In This Kit. Professional Installation Is Highly Recommended!
4. The color of the actual items may slightly different from the listing images due to different computer screen, thanks for your understanding.

NkeGS Car ABS Glossy Black/Carbon Fiber Color Rear View Mirror C

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