zirconia,silver,for,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,925,$53,cubic,sterling,rings,/damkjernite5016604.html,Ccjcinata,imliee.com,rings,wom Ccjcinata 925 sterling silver rings Sale item wom cubic for zirconia $53 Ccjcinata 925 sterling silver rings cubic zirconia rings for wom Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Ccjcinata 925 sterling silver rings Sale item wom cubic for zirconia zirconia,silver,for,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,925,$53,cubic,sterling,rings,/damkjernite5016604.html,Ccjcinata,imliee.com,rings,wom $53 Ccjcinata 925 sterling silver rings cubic zirconia rings for wom Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Ccjcinata 925 sterling silver rings Sale Popular overseas item wom cubic for zirconia

Ccjcinata 925 sterling silver rings cubic zirconia rings for wom


Ccjcinata 925 sterling silver rings cubic zirconia rings for wom

Product Description



Who we are-Ccjcinata

We are committed to providing you with exquisite personal customized jewelry,

which can help you remember the lovers, wonderful moments or happy memories.

Our Vision

This beautiful custom ring takes inspiration from the simulated birthstone, made with a touch of luck and a lot of love.

Engrave a special message on the base, and personalize it with simulated birthstones of family members to make this ring even more meaningful.

A great gift for any time of year! Perfect for all occas

Your Gift Advisor

We are committed to developing a variety of women's jewelry and is renowned by its classic and playful designs especially popular among Women.

They express loves by choosing meaningful Ccjcinata jewelry as ideal gifts for someone special and loved ones.

Care Tips for Your Jewelry

a. Keep it dry and avoid wearing it when bathing, doing housework and swimming.

b. Perfume is also corrosive to jewelry.

c. Do not touch it often, grease and sweat on hands will caused corrosion.

d. Rub your Jewelry with baby wipes: they perform miracles on crystal jewelry. Then rub with a clean dry soft cotton cloth to bring back the shine.

e. Put it inside a soft cloth pocket or fabric swab, avoid it from rubbing against other jewelry.

Ccjcinata 925 sterling silver rings cubic zirconia rings for wom


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15 16

Journal of Islamic World and Politics

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IJNP (Indonesian Journal of Nursing Practices)

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Jati: Jurnal Akuntansi Terapan Indonesia

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JBTI : Jurnal Bisnis : Teori dan Implementasi

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Journal of Japanese Language Education and Linguistics

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Insisiva Dental Journal: Majalah Kedokteran Gigi Insisiva

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Berdikari: Jurnal Inovasi dan Penerapan Ipteks

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International Journal of Islamic Educational Psychology

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Journal of Economics Research and Social Sciences

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Maharaat: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Arab

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JMPM (Jurnal Material dan Proses Manufaktur)

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Journal of Electrical Technology UMY

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Journal of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

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Jurnal Pemerintahan dan Kebijakan (JPK)

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Quantum Teknika : Jurnal Teknik Mesin Terapan

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Medika Teknika : Jurnal Teknik Elektromedik Indonesia

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International Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance (IJIEF)

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Emerging Information Science and Technology

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Indonesian Comparative Law Review

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Reviu Akuntansi dan Bisnis Indonesia

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Journal of Fundamental and Applied Pharmaceutical Science

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Jurnal Penegakan Hukum dan Keadilan

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Indonesian Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (IJCLC)

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Bulletin of Civil Engineering

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Jurnal Studi Islam dan Kemuhammadiyahan (JASIKA)

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Journal of Islamic Economic and Business Research

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