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Cheap Sale price Rope Ladder Nylon Portable Emergenc Compact Foldable

Rope Ladder Nylon Rope Ladder Portable Foldable Compact Emergenc


Rope Ladder Nylon Rope Ladder Portable Foldable Compact Emergenc

Product description

roduct name: Fire escape ladder

Material: aluminum alloy nylon rope

Weight: 1200g/m

Size: 4/7.5/10M length

The width is 41cm, and the maximum thickness is 30cm


The sturdy hook can be perfectly hung on the window sill, no need to find other suspension points for fixing, high strength, enough to withstand the escape of many people

packing list:


Bed table hook*1

Rope Ladder Nylon Rope Ladder Portable Foldable Compact Emergenc

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