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Our shop most Colorado Springs Mall popular Mouse Pads Anime White RGB Gamer Carpet Desk S PC LED for Gaming

Mouse Pads Anime White RGB Gamer Carpet LED Gaming for PC Desk S


Mouse Pads Anime White RGB Gamer Carpet LED Gaming for PC Desk S

Product description

Size:(size 3)11.81"x31.50"

Package contains:
1*RGB Mouse Pad
1* Micro USB Cable

1: Designed by gamers, great to use for gaming/office work
2 : Thickness = 4 mm
3: Matreial : Micro-textured cloth surface , Non-slip rubber base and super glow fiber
4: Rating :5v 120mA

【 Large and Perfect Size 】: The size will fit your desktop perfectly and provide perfect movement space .
【 Anti-slip Rubber Base 】:Super glow fiber and soft cloth surface with Non-Slip rubber base ensures precise , accurate mouse control and consistent stability on your desk .
【 Ultra Smooth Surface 】:Designed with superfine fiber braided material , With a micro-textured, smooth surface , precise navigation and optimize your gaming experience.
【14 Lighting Modes 】:Super Glow Fiber - Chroma customizable lighting provides a distinctive blue.yellow. so on.

Mouse Pads Anime White RGB Gamer Carpet LED Gaming for PC Desk S

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