Bicycle Gloves Outdoor Riding Non-Slip Silk Over item handling Ultra-Thin Ice Glove $35 Bicycle Gloves Outdoor Riding Non-Slip Ultra-Thin Ice Silk Glove Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Ice,Gloves,Glove,Bicycle,Non-Slip,,$35,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Silk,Riding,/elevon5212090.html,Outdoor,Ultra-Thin $35 Bicycle Gloves Outdoor Riding Non-Slip Ultra-Thin Ice Silk Glove Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Bicycle Gloves Outdoor Riding Non-Slip Silk Over item handling Ultra-Thin Ice Glove Ice,Gloves,Glove,Bicycle,Non-Slip,,$35,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Silk,Riding,/elevon5212090.html,Outdoor,Ultra-Thin

Bicycle Gloves Outdoor Riding Non-Slip Silk Over item handling Ultra-Thin Very popular Ice Glove

Bicycle Gloves Outdoor Riding Non-Slip Ultra-Thin Ice Silk Glove


Bicycle Gloves Outdoor Riding Non-Slip Ultra-Thin Ice Silk Glove

Product description

welcome to our shop. Thank you for choosing and using our products.


Quick release and wristband Velcro design, suitable for large and small wrists, fingertip pull tabs can be easily taken off, allowing hands to be retracted freely.

The thickened palm pad is ergonomic, and the cushioning function protects the joints and muscles of the palm to avoid injury.

No need to take off gloves to operate mobile phones and tablets, fast and dexterous movement.

Product parameter:

Name: outdoor gloves

Material: ice silk

Color: white, gray, black, pink

Size: S, M, L

Palm width (cm): 9, 9.5, 10

Products include: 1 pair.

Applicable crowd: adults, men, women, all kinds of outdoor sports and fitness.


When cleaning, the water temperature should not exceed 40°, and the soaking time should not exceed 5 minutes.

It can be machine washed and put in the cleaning bag to increase the service life. (Washing powder or liquid detergent).

We also love sports and want to explore the passion of the outdoors, complete self-challenge, put on our gloves, you will help us achieve it.

We will arrange the delivery for you within 15-20 days, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time. We will reply to you within 24 hours and provide you with the best service.

Thank you very much for purchasing our products, Your satisfaction is our pleasure.

Bicycle Gloves Outdoor Riding Non-Slip Ultra-Thin Ice Silk Glove

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