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Folding Handicap Grab Bars Handrails Department store Rails Toilet Bathroom Ranking TOP5

Folding Handicap Grab Bars Rails Toilet Handrails, Bathroom Grab


Folding Handicap Grab Bars Rails Toilet Handrails, Bathroom Grab

Product description

Provide the most reliable home safety

♥ Sturdy Material
♥ Family Safety
♥ Outstanding durable
♥ Easy Installation
♥ Easy to Clean
♥ Practical Health Care
Welcome to my store:
We are committed to creating a perfect and happy shopping for our customers, we have a variety of handrails for you to
Our stylish armrests are the best choice for you and your family.
Bathroom Grab Bar. Name: Folding Handrail
Bathroom Grab Bar. Number of products: 1
Safety Handrail. Material: 304 stainless steel mirror
Safety Handrail. Size: 600*80*260mm
Handicap    Safety Handrail. Diameter: 32mm
Bathroom Grab Bar. Base thickness: 80mm
Bathroom Grab Bar. Recommended installation height: 532mm
Bathroom Grab Bar. Bearing weight: 200-220kg
Bathroom Grab Bar.Installation method: punch installation
Product use: bath handrail, toilet handrail, bathtub handrail
[Features]: safe, stable, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, durable
Tool to be prepared before installation: Impact drill, 8mm drill, Phillips screwdriver, hammerhead, tape measure, marker pen.
[Daily maintenance knowledge]
1. Regularly clean the product to keep it clean
2. Clean the surface of the product with water or mild detergent, then dry with a soft towel
3. Pay attention to the hidden position of the cleaning product, and timely cleaning can make the product last
1. This product only contains handrails, and other decorations in the picture are not included.
2.Measurement error within1-2 cm is normal
Thank you for your support of our products! Our mission is to provide you with quality products at a reasonable price and to focus on value.
If you have any questions, please contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory answer.
Thank you for your concern and good luck.

Folding Handicap Grab Bars Rails Toilet Handrails, Bathroom Grab

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