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GUOYAJF Wooden Book Stand for Popularity Free Shipping New Reading Upright Cookboo Adjustable

GUOYAJF Wooden Book Stand for Reading Adjustable Upright Cookboo


GUOYAJF Wooden Book Stand for Reading Adjustable Upright Cookboo

Product description

With simple, elegant and practical design, this foldable book stand with adjustable angle suitable for books, cookbooks, music document, tablet, mobile telephone. Let you read your favorite books without straining your back, shoulders or neck. Free your hands. This stand can be used as a reading stand, tablet stand, phone stand. Perfect for reading hands free and concentrating on your study.

Adjustable amp; Foldable
Adjustable to 4 different angle, conveniently set the angle for keeping the correct posture so that the spine is healthy.

The bookstand is ideal for support different size and style books, tablet, painting books, cookbook, sheet music, textbook, tablature, catalogs, etc.

Hollow-Carved Design
The hollow design of the reading rest is not only beautiful, but also helps to dissipate heat from electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

No More Neck amp; Back Pain
You will not feel tension in your back, shoulders or neck, providing you a pain free reading experience so that you can enjoy reading books while improve spinal health.

Material: Pine
Size: 34(L)x23.5(H)x2.5(W)cm / 13.4(L)x9.3(H)x0.98(W)inches
Weight: 0.8kg / 1.8lbs
Color: Pine Color

GUOYAJF Wooden Book Stand for Reading Adjustable Upright Cookboo

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