LTNWQ Pendants for Year-end gift Ashes Memorial Cre Pig Jewelry Flying Pendant $67 LTNWQ Pendants for Ashes Memorial Jewelry Pendant Flying Pig Cre Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women,Flying,Cre,Pendant,/equisignal5212032.html,Ashes,Jewelry,for,Pig,$67,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,LTNWQ,Pendants,Memorial,Flying,Cre,Pendant,/equisignal5212032.html,Ashes,Jewelry,for,Pig,$67,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,LTNWQ,Pendants,Memorial $67 LTNWQ Pendants for Ashes Memorial Jewelry Pendant Flying Pig Cre Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women LTNWQ Pendants for Year-end gift Ashes Memorial Cre Pig Jewelry Flying Pendant

LTNWQ Pendants for Year-end gift Ashes Inventory cleanup selling sale Memorial Cre Pig Jewelry Flying Pendant

LTNWQ Pendants for Ashes Memorial Jewelry Pendant Flying Pig Cre


LTNWQ Pendants for Ashes Memorial Jewelry Pendant Flying Pig Cre

Product description

Time flies,but memory lasts. Our cremation necklace is designed to express your ‘, friendship and miss’. The cremation urn can hold small cremains, dirt, special messages, hair, perfume, etc. You can keep your beloved to your heart forever, or keep some places or things that impressed you deeply always with you anywhere and anytime. Our cremation necklace , wonderful gift choice for your pets, family, friends or someone you know. God Holds Him/Her in Arms, We Keep Him/Her in Heart.

Function: Mood Tracker,Fitness Tracker
How to maintenance : no water/no Chemical material/Acid and alkali
Gender: Unisex
Function: Cremation Ashes Souvenir Keepsake
it will not fade, tarnish, rust or stain! Do not fade, no side effects, not deformation, low carbon environmental protection no pollution, not cause allergic phenomenon, health and safety,you will never lose your memories!!

More convenient to fill the bottle:
Step 1: Unscrew the cap with a a screw driver or by hand
Step 2, use the funnel and needle to place the ashes or other memorial items.
Step 3: Tight the cap.

Contains:5pcs Necklace
The color may have different as the difference display, pls understand.

LTNWQ Pendants for Ashes Memorial Jewelry Pendant Flying Pig Cre

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