$111 MICTUNING Magical M2 Aerodynamic 42 Inch 240W LED Light Bar with Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories 42,LED,Aerodynamic,Inch,/macracanthrorhynchiasis5211295.html,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,M2,with,MICTUNING,Light,Magical,240W,$111,imliee.com,Bar 42,LED,Aerodynamic,Inch,/macracanthrorhynchiasis5211295.html,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,M2,with,MICTUNING,Light,Magical,240W,$111,imliee.com,Bar MICTUNING Magical M2 Aerodynamic 42 Inch LED 240W with Max 54% OFF Light Bar MICTUNING Magical M2 Aerodynamic 42 Inch LED 240W with Max 54% OFF Light Bar $111 MICTUNING Magical M2 Aerodynamic 42 Inch 240W LED Light Bar with Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories

MICTUNING Magical Large special price !! M2 Aerodynamic 42 Inch LED 240W with Max 54% OFF Light Bar

MICTUNING Magical M2 Aerodynamic 42 Inch 240W LED Light Bar with


MICTUNING Magical M2 Aerodynamic 42 Inch 240W LED Light Bar with

Product Description

19 inch 31inch 42inch 52inch
M2 Dual Row Iceblue 19 Inch M2 Dual Row Iceblue 31 Inch M2 Dual Row Iceblue 42 Inch M2 Dual Row Iceblue 52 Inch
Lumen 8460LM 12680LM 16840LM 21660LM
Wattage 108W 180W 240W 312W
Light mode white/iceblue/white white/iceblue/white white/iceblue/white white/iceblue/white
Light Beam spot flood combo beam spot flood combo beam spot flood combo beam spot flood combo beam
Mounting Brackets Type 2x Side Brackets, 2x Bottom Brackets 2x Side Brackets, 2x Bottom Brackets 2x Side Brackets 2x Side Brackets
With Wiring Harness

MICTUNING is a worldwide famous brand in the field of automotive LED lighting, providing cost-effective light fixtures with high performance.

We have been working on this industry for more than 10 years, and develop second-to-none custom LED solutions to keep you safe wherever you go. Your trust and recognition are our driving force to make better! MICTUNING continues to offer most innovative and reliable lightning solutions to customers!!

Exclusive Aerodynamic Design:

Driven by innovation and perfection, MICTUNING designed the word's first Aerodynamic LED Light Bar and made big success in reducing wind noise. Streamline ArcMask Design dramatically eliminate the horrible audible wind noises. Through practical test, the wind noise is reduced by 80% compared with the other light bar. You could carry on a conversation at normal levels and could listen to the radio. Just enjoy your safer, smoother and more enjoyable off-road adventure.

Ultra-stylish and functional lighting solution:

- Charming ice-blue light upgrade your vehicle for a unique style look, adds aesthetics to your car, Make Your Car Eye-catching In The Dark!

- Equipped with high-intensity LEDs to emit bright cool white light, delivering powerful illumination, increase 30% of brightness than others

- IP67 waterproof rate and sealed bolts provide better sealing in adverse weather, excellent Waterproof, Dust-proof, Quake proof performance.

- Die-cast aluminum housing for exceptional strength, heat sink dissipates heat faster and effectively extend the light bar’s life-span beyond 50,000 hours

- Comes with every thing you need, including mounting brackets, FREE wiring harness and all necessary hardware for trouble-free installation

Product Content:

1x 42" LED Light Bar 1x Bonus Wiring Harness 2x Side Brackets

MICTUNING Magical M2 Aerodynamic 42 Inch 240W LED Light Bar with

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We’re transforming to better enable discovery, innovation, and choice on the open internet through commerce media.

What is Commerce Media?

Learn what commerce media is, and why you need it.

Contextual Targeting

Meet the next generation of contextual targeting.

Retail Media

Explore our solutions for retailers and brands.

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