/mantid5016345.html,imliee.com,Bidet,ZKS-KS,Spray,Sprayer,Douche,3,Toilet,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,-,$29,Shower,Handheld,kit $29 ZKS-KS Toilet Handheld Shower Bidet Sprayer Spray Douche kit - 3 Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures $29 ZKS-KS Toilet Handheld Shower Bidet Sprayer Spray Douche kit - 3 Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures ZKS-KS Toilet Handheld Shower Bidet Sprayer kit High order - Douche Spray 3 /mantid5016345.html,imliee.com,Bidet,ZKS-KS,Spray,Sprayer,Douche,3,Toilet,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,-,$29,Shower,Handheld,kit ZKS-KS Toilet Handheld Shower Bidet Sprayer kit High order - Douche Spray 3

ZKS-KS Toilet Handheld Shower Bidet Sprayer kit High order - Reservation Douche Spray 3

ZKS-KS Toilet Handheld Shower Bidet Sprayer Spray Douche kit - 3


ZKS-KS Toilet Handheld Shower Bidet Sprayer Spray Douche kit - 3

Product description

The products of our shop have many characteristics, you are welcome to visit our shop to visit other style products, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask questions, we will reply to your questions within 12 hours, I wish you a happy life.
Product Category: Shower / Shower

Type: Portable

Function: Spray Gun / Bidet

Material: Stainless steel

Installation type: wall mount

Process: Brushed

Working temperature: 0 ~ 80

Specifications: dual function spray gun (stretch)


★ Please check all accessories before installation

There are certain errors in manual measurements with different sizes. Please refer to the current product

★ Due to the effects of lighting and display, the item may differ slightly from the picture.

ZKS-KS Toilet Handheld Shower Bidet Sprayer Spray Douche kit - 3

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