/mantid5211445.html,with/Replacement,Compatible,Electrical,DB,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Starter,$52,New,410-24156,imliee.com /mantid5211445.html,with/Replacement,Compatible,Electrical,DB,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Starter,$52,New,410-24156,imliee.com New DB Electrical Starter with Replacement Compatible 410-24156 100% quality warranty! $52 New DB Electrical Starter 410-24156 Compatible with/Replacement Automotive Replacement Parts $52 New DB Electrical Starter 410-24156 Compatible with/Replacement Automotive Replacement Parts New DB Electrical Starter with Replacement Compatible 410-24156 100% quality warranty!

New DB Electrical NEW before selling Starter with Replacement Compatible 410-24156 100% quality warranty

New DB Electrical Starter 410-24156 Compatible with/Replacement


New DB Electrical Starter 410-24156 Compatible with/Replacement

Product description

**Verify part fits before purchasing**Specs:Unit Type: StarterVoltage: 12Rotation: CWTeeth: 9KW: 1.1Starter Type: PMGRReplaces OEM Numbers: ARROWHEAD: 410-24260, 410-24156ARROWHEAD (OEM): IMI118-003, MS455ARROWHEAD (OEM) (OLD): IS1279BOSCH: 0-001-107-033, 0-001-107-062, 0-001-108-129BOSCH REMAN EUROPE: 0-986-019-040CARGO: 111015DEUTZ: 12851306J amp; N: 410-24156, 410-24260LESTER: 19668, 19669LETRIKA (ISKRA) AFTERMARKET: IS 1279LETRIKA (ISKRA) DESCRIPTION: AZD2127LETRIKA (ISKRA) OEM: 11.131.928LOMBARDINI: 58401940MAHLE: MS455SCHAEFF INC: 5411656334, 5999999853ZEPPELIN: 3SX6279Compatible With/Replacement For: YANMAR: 3JH2 1991-1999, 3JH2BE 1991-1999, 3JH2E 1991-1999, 3JH3Z, 3T84C, 3TNE84, 3TNE88, 4JH, 4JH-HT-Z, 4JH-T, 4JH-TZ, 4JH2-CE, 4JH2-DTE, 4JH2-E, 4JH2-HTE, 4JH2-TE, 4JH2-UTE, 4JH2L-HTNE, 4JH2L-TNE, 4JH3 1994-2003, 4JH3-CE 1994-2003, 4JH3-DTE 1994-2003, 4JH3-HTE 1994-2003, 4JH3-TCE 1994-2003, 4JH3-TE 1994-2003, 4JH3-TE-YEU 1994-2003, 4JH3ZA 1994-2003, 4JHZ, 4T95 1980-1997, 4TNE84, 4TNE88, KM3A, TC3000, UJH2E

New DB Electrical Starter 410-24156 Compatible with/Replacement

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