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QIYI Special price for a limited Cheap mail order specialty store time TruckTireCoversFlipFlopColorSummerCamperWheelCoversFashiona

QIYI TruckTireCoversFlipFlopColorSummerCamperWheelCoversFashiona


QIYI TruckTireCoversFlipFlopColorSummerCamperWheelCoversFashiona

Product description

Material:Made of nylon fabric, durable and fashionable.
Include: 1pc spare tire cover.
Fitment: Suitable for spare tire 30 inches in diameter,9.5 inches in width-side all sorts of vehicles.
Cleaning:Machine washable on cold cycle and drip dry.

The spare tire cover protect your expensive spare tires from scratches.Not only prevent your spare wheel from corroding, but also make your vehicle more fashion. Greatly improves vehicle appearance, keep spare tire clean.Easy to install and remove and no tools required.

Protect your spare tire in rain, snow, wind, dust, sun and any bad weather.

QIYI TruckTireCoversFlipFlopColorSummerCamperWheelCoversFashiona

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