$35 JDJD Casters 1.5in Rigid Caster Wheel Stainless Steel Bracket He Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products JDJD Casters 1.5in Rigid Discount mail order Caster Wheel Stainless He Steel Bracket JDJD Casters 1.5in Rigid Discount mail order Caster Wheel Stainless He Steel Bracket Casters,Stainless,Caster,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,imliee.com,He,$35,Bracket,/monoousian4921748.html,Rigid,Wheel,1.5in,JDJD,Steel $35 JDJD Casters 1.5in Rigid Caster Wheel Stainless Steel Bracket He Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products Casters,Stainless,Caster,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,imliee.com,He,$35,Bracket,/monoousian4921748.html,Rigid,Wheel,1.5in,JDJD,Steel

JDJD Casters 1.5in Rigid Discount mail order favorite Caster Wheel Stainless He Steel Bracket

JDJD Casters 1.5in Rigid Caster Wheel Stainless Steel Bracket He


JDJD Casters 1.5in Rigid Caster Wheel Stainless Steel Bracket He

Product description

Item Type: Caster Wheel
Wheel Diameter: Approx. 38mm / 1.5in
Thickness: Approx. 19mm / 0.7in
Installation Height: Approx. 60mm / 2.4in
Installation Hole Distance: Approx. 44x30mm / 1.7x1.2in
Aperture: Approx. 6mm / 0.2in
Single Load: Approx. 30kg / 66.1lb
Weight: Approx.100g / 3.5oz
Color: Dark Gray
Scope of Application: Pallet wheels, trolleys, logistics trolleys, etc.

Package List:
1 x Caster Wheel

*stem casters are designed to replace office chair wheels. They can also be used on compatible furniture such as tables, racks, filing cabinets, light machinery and more.

*Simply remove the old wheels and click the new castors into place. No special tools or hardware are required to install the desk chair rollers.

JDJD Casters 1.5in Rigid Caster Wheel Stainless Steel Bracket He

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Organizations, studios, software etcetera. Everything from the field of typography.


Typography terms explained in English and translated into many languages.

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