,/receptaculum4921623.html,Bean,,Tank,,S,Steel,Coffee,DUOWEI,Sealed,Stainless,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$47,Powder,Coffee,/receptaculum4921623.html,Bean,,Tank,,S,Steel,Coffee,DUOWEI,Sealed,Stainless,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$47,Powder,Coffee $47 DUOWEI Stainless Steel Sealed Tank, Coffee Bean, Coffee Powder S Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining DUOWEI Stainless Steel Sealed Tank Bean National uniform free shipping Powder Coffee S DUOWEI Stainless Steel Sealed Tank Bean National uniform free shipping Powder Coffee S $47 DUOWEI Stainless Steel Sealed Tank, Coffee Bean, Coffee Powder S Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

DUOWEI Stainless Steel Sealed Tank Bean National uniform excellence free shipping Powder Coffee S

DUOWEI Stainless Steel Sealed Tank, Coffee Bean, Coffee Powder S


DUOWEI Stainless Steel Sealed Tank, Coffee Bean, Coffee Powder S

Product description


Name: 304 stainless steel storage tank
Size: as shown
Material: 304 stainless steel
Features: strong and durable, not easy to rust
Uses: store tea, scented tea, dried fruits and other food materials
Weight: about 315g for small, 388g for medium, 403g for large

Why should coffee beans be sealed and stored?
Freshly roasted coffee beans are not suitable for drinking, they should be stored for a week to release the gas inside the beans. Generally speaking, in the case of sealed coffee, the drinking period of coffee is within one month after one week after frying. At this time, the coffee beans are fresh, rich in aroma and good taste. The coffee flavor will gradually disappear after one month, please choose the right time to drink to ensure the taste!
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DUOWEI Stainless Steel Sealed Tank, Coffee Bean, Coffee Powder S

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