,$26,Men's,Skinny,Ripped,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,GINGTTO,Jeans,Stretch,Slim,Pants,Jeans,/receptaculum4922423.html,Fit $26 GINGTTO Men's Ripped Jeans Slim Fit Skinny Stretch Jeans Pants Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $26 GINGTTO Men's Ripped Jeans Slim Fit Skinny Stretch Jeans Pants Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men GINGTTO Men's Ripped Jeans Slim Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Pants Fit Stretch Skinny,$26,Men's,Skinny,Ripped,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,GINGTTO,Jeans,Stretch,Slim,Pants,Jeans,/receptaculum4922423.html,Fit GINGTTO Men's Ripped Jeans Slim Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Pants Fit Stretch Skinny

Fashion GINGTTO Men's Ripped Jeans Slim Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Pants Fit Stretch Skinny

GINGTTO Men's Ripped Jeans Slim Fit Skinny Stretch Jeans Pants


GINGTTO Men's Ripped Jeans Slim Fit Skinny Stretch Jeans Pants

Product Description

stretch skinny jeans for men

GINGTTO jeans are extremely stretchy, we pick the strong stretchy denim and make sure each jeans is stretchy.

These jeans for men are suitable for most bodytypes, especially for bodybuilders.

We will produce jeans, chino pants, shirts, tracksuits, and everything in between.

GINGTTO aims to provide customers with fashion and good quality jeans and make them confident and happy.

stretch fabric

Please choose size according to your waistline,

Model: 6'1"(189cm), 196lb(89kg) is wearing size 32

Size guidline

  • Peter 178cm,83kg is wearing size 32 for skinny fit, size 34 for slim fit
  • Vincent 177cm,67kg is wearing size 30 for skinny fit, size 32 for slim fit
  • Oliver 173cm, 86kg is wearing size 34 for casual fit, size 36 for slim fit
black jeans dark blue jeans khaki jeans grey jeans chino shorts mens pajama set
black jeans blue jeans khaki jeans grey jeans chino shorts pajama set

GINGTTO Men's Ripped Jeans Slim Fit Skinny Stretch Jeans Pants

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