GAOword,Boxing,Pear-Shaped,Bag,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Boxing,,Reflecti,Ball,$33,PU,/receptaculum5016223.html,Universal GAOword Universal Boxing Fixed price for sale Ball Bag Pear-Shaped PU Reflecti GAOword Universal Boxing Fixed price for sale Ball Bag Pear-Shaped PU Reflecti $33 GAOword Universal Boxing Ball PU Pear-Shaped Boxing Bag Reflecti Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness GAOword,Boxing,Pear-Shaped,Bag,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Boxing,,Reflecti,Ball,$33,PU,/receptaculum5016223.html,Universal $33 GAOword Universal Boxing Ball PU Pear-Shaped Boxing Bag Reflecti Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

GAOword Universal Boston Mall Boxing Fixed price for sale Ball Bag Pear-Shaped PU Reflecti

GAOword Universal Boxing Ball PU Pear-Shaped Boxing Bag Reflecti


GAOword Universal Boxing Ball PU Pear-Shaped Boxing Bag Reflecti

Product description


Color: as shown in the picture.

Material: PU leather.

Size: 27x22cm.

Rope length: 41cm, 65cm.


Due to different computer resolutions, there may be some color distortions.

Due to different hand measurements, there may be slight errors.

Package includes: 1 * Boxing ball.

GAOword Universal Boxing Ball PU Pear-Shaped Boxing Bag Reflecti

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