Groom In Bihar Wedding Collapses On Stage During Rituals Due To ‘loud DJ music’, Dies
Groom In Bihar Wedding Collapses On Stage During Rituals Due To ‘loud DJ music’, Dies

Groom In Bihar Wedding Collapses On Stage During Rituals Due To ‘loud DJ music’, Dies

After feeling uneasy with the DJ music’s high decibel blasting at his Varmala ritual in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district, a groom reportedly collapsed on the podium built for the ceremony.

The man, identified as Surendra Kumar, was hurried to a local hospital but died while being shifted to Sitamarhi for treatment. 

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Groom kept complaining about the loud music

The incident occurred on Wednesday when Surendra and his bride exchanged garlands and performed other rituals on the stage. 

As per an Indian Today report, Surendra kept complaining about the deafening sound of the DJ playing at his wedding procession, but it made no difference.

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Later, as the Varmala ceremony ended, Surendra tumbled on the stage, after which he was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The doctors at the hospital advised that he should be taken to Sitamarhi for further treatment. But the groom couldn’t hold on to his life during the shifting process and died on the way.

DJ service prevalent even after ban

After this incident, the administration inquired about how the DJ was being used despite a strict ban. 

Dr Rajeev Kumar Mishra, a social worker, has also demanded the administration to implement a ban on DJs strictly.

Groom’s father in Delhi died due to DJ music

In a similar incident from last year, a 65-year-old man, who was a Delhi resident, died during his son’s marriage procession due to the high decibel of DJ music blaring at the baraat in Malkangiri town. 

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Recently, in an unrelated incident, a bride in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar died from a heart attack amidst the ceremonies at her wedding location. The woman had fainted during her wedding rituals and passed out. 

Then, she was rushed to a nearby hospital, where the doctors informed her family that she had passed away due to a heart attack. But in a peculiar turn of events, the family’s relatives suggested that the bride’s younger sister should get married to the groom. 

Eventually, the family followed the idea and carried out the wedding. The deceased’s body was reportedly kept in cold storage until the ceremony was finished. 

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